a couple of local dealers left for the munich high-end show this week. one dealer went because he wants to see "something different outside the CES". other just tagged along to "look see look see". while those who didn't go expressed disinterest as "there is nothing special". for this group of dealers, other than established german marques like clearaudio, mbl, avantgarde, there are just too many cottage industries on display that can be bewildering.

every year, dealers look for new brands to bring it into malaysia. apart from reading from hifi magazines and internet, they would occasionally ask from industry people like yours truly. for me, i resort to hearing from you readers. kubala-sosna and audio magic are results of "hearing from my readers".

so, please continue to recommend good stuff to us. i could use my limited influence to convince the dealers to bring them into malaysia.

we are like the present opposition leaders in malaysia - we listen to you ;-)


Gerhard said...

I have to miss the Munich show this year because of my work in Asia.

The Munich show is far better than CES ,because there is less mix and jumble with other stuff..A lot of European manufacturers choose this to launch their products..

By the way you should tell about Alto -Extremo to the dealers that are kindest to you..

They make products that are back by solid Engineering ,and they Rival finite elements in these regards...have you try them under your speakers and equipments,Maggielurva?

have a listen,your jaw will drop....

chim said...

I am surprised that some local dealers do not think it is important to go.
even if they can't find anything interesting to bring,the exchange of ideas ,looking at the future trend would be well worth it.

It is high ti me we starrt to lead instead of following the dealers in Singapore and Hong Kong.

stewart said...

Well I think it is high time somebody brings Karan Acoustics to Malaysia.

The best in Solid State Amplifications IMO and selling like Hot cakes in USA

Sham said...

I think one of the dealers should have been kind enought to take you there[no string attached,of course]
Just to show their gratitude for your enourmous effort in reviving hi-fi interest in Malaysia.

You could have done a show report fr Munich fr A Malaysian perspective.

Anonymous said...

Hey, better still why not ask the dealers to arrange for group tours so that audiophile kaki's in Malaysia can go together. Especially to the HK AV Show etc.

Chiam said...

Not a bad idea anonymous.

maggielurva can be our tour guide.

But seriously,any audiophile worth their salt should visit the Munich show at least once in their life

Franz said...

Even though it is heald in Germany,the Munich show is more of a European Show really,

This is the event that most European Manufacturers launch their products and you could get a good pulse on the future of Hi-End.

A lot of ScandinavianCome there too.It was the place where I discovered the wonder of Argento cables,and started throwing out all of my american made cabl;les..

The thing with most European Hi-Fi companies is that they are headed by brilliant engineers that happen to be audiophiles too..Lest marketing,more substance if you like{Have you ever seen Holfi advertising?]The only american company that is run like a european one is Spectral{have you seen Spectral ad?]

Overall it is a good show to go too.You will meeet a lot Of hardcore Japanese audiophiles[They actually organize tours to the Munich show]

Jazmann said...

You do see a lot of weird stuff .
really entertaining to go to

cbliu said...

Anyone been to HK AV show?
Is it Any good.

I went to the Singapore show a couple of yrs ago and thought that the KL show was better.

Are they having the KL show this year?

aboon said...


You listen to us and we listen to you :~:

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

gerhard and stewart,
ok, will keep alto-extremo and karan within my radar!

anonymous and chiam,
group tour to hk? now that's a great idea! i love hk! we can ask gadgetbuzzer (co-blogger) to host us!

the KLIAV is on 25/7/2008. mickey mouse compared to HK's one.

why does it sound like an ABBA's song - "knowing me and knowing you" ?! ;-)