hot from the oven - alan tam's "best sound ever reborn" japanese pressing 24k gold disc limited edition.

selling at only RM66 at yes asia. if you buy more than one cd, shipping is free.

grab, grab, grab!

p/s interestingly, my duplication factory in HK (which i am going to use for 2v1g duplication) told me that for audiophile CDs, it is better to leave the silver surface (top) of the raw cd untainted, meaning leaving it blank except for logo and album title printing. i guess it has to do with how the laser pickup reads the cd. since they are the expert, i will heed their advice.


canto fanatics said...

I will only buy it if there is any significant audio enhancement (I mean remastering work done). Plain duplication in gold CD does not have any meaning to me.

Do you have any info on this? Thanks

Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy my hundred of gold CD:)

CJ said...

Agree. I also want to know if this sounds better than the other release?
Thanks in advance.