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desperately seeking andy gibb shadow dancing

let me share with you my bizarre experience. remember i told you that i used to entertain audiophiles in my house regularly, during the heat of my hifi passion. and amazingly, many of my CDs had gone missing along the way. i couldn't figure out why but i suspect there are some thieves among those visiting audiophiles. among the CDs i lost are norah jones come away with me (USA pressing), andy gibb shadow dancing (the subject of this post), carpenters greatest hits (gold disc) and many others. now that i have practically stopped entertaining people, i haven't since lost a single CD... i think i know who is the thief ;-)

anyway, i greatly treasure my andy gibb shadow dancing and this cd has long been discontinued. if you were a teenager in the early 80s, you would know why i am so crazy over this CD. lo and behold, i found it on ebay! being an ebay virgin, i didn't consult anyone and went on straight to bid for it....

for the first few days, i remained the highest bidder and i was so confident of getting the CD. but dang!, i didn't know that in the game of bidding, the last few minutes/seconds before the bidding ends is what that counts most! as a result, i was outbidded by not one, but three buyers! i was a sore loser and i promise to be wiser the next time.

but you know what's the most frustrating thing? from amazon to ebay, many sellers just don't entertain malaysian buyers. i knew this all along when i shopped for hifi stuff (e.g. tubes) in USA sites but i thought that was 5 years ago??? no, they still think malaysians are fraudsters.

so i consulted my friend, an ebay expert and a fanatic music lover from the oz, and you know what is his sage advice - "just wait for the reissue la! the sound gonna be better and you may even get bonus tracks!".

but friend, you are not an audiophile la! who wants reissue?

I almost bought a hacked (to unlock the SIM-lock to the US AT&T) iPhone when I saw it a few weeks ago in my regular shop... until I asked whether the firmware can be upgraded... and the answer was no. Is that important? To me it is becoz a lot of gadgets are sold these days without thorough user testing and there will almost always be a need to upgrade the firmware in the future.

But the iPhone is a very enticing piece of gadget... imagine a phone, wifi internet browsing, iTunes compatibility in a sexy design and a brilliant touch screen user interface. There are shortcomings though... like only 8Gb storage, no external memory card slot, built-in battery that cannot be changed like normal mobile phones and no 3G (only the slower Edge).

Apple has also launched the iTouch, which is an iPhone without the phone bit. This goes up to 16Gb of built-in memory. And that's the problem because both devices are great video playback devices but with only 8 or 16Gb storage, that's hardly enough for both music and videos. And the iPhone is not much more expensive than the iTouch (considering you are actually getting a mobile phone in an all-in-one device).

So I think I will wait... until the iPhone Gen 2 comes out with at least 60Gb storage, replaceable battery pack and 3G (better still HSDPA or 3.5G).

some things are better late than never. when my producer handed me this cd and asked me if i have listened to it before, i shook my head. the closest i get to rickie lee jones is her chart hit 'chuck e in love' and that was way back in the early 80s.

jones' music style is both idiosyncratic and distinctive. her music can go from free-verse beat poetry, jazz flourishes, torchy balladry to really bohemian stuff. her voice is playful and plaintive, worldly and coquettish, indeed one of a kind. in many songs here, her voice wavers and floats over the lyrics, dreamily, as if she couldn't care less how she sings. which is really really cool for someone who is unfamiliar with her works.

"pop pop" is full of smooth and laid back covers of some jazz standards and oldies, delivered in jones' inimitable style. her delivery is vulnerable or even flirtatious, depending on how you look at it. she caresses each note as if she is teasing with it. she has a way to make the listener weak in his knees. opener "my one and only love" gives me plenty of goose bumps. in somewhat uneven phrasing, jones' voice cracks, fades into a whisper, then comes back up; this is the most free-form of jazz i have ever heard. quite amazing.

but my absolute fave is "hi-lili hi-lo" with the starting verse "a song of love is a sad song, ask me how I know" delivered in possibly the coolest manner by jones. i adore this song so much that i think this album is worth listening just because of this song!

stark, naked and emotive, that's how i would describe this album if i were to describe it in three words. overall, the arrangement is sparse and the musicians are top-notch. recording too is superb, very analogue and "thick-sounding".

i believe this album is out of print since it was released in 1991. but i am going to get this regardless. delicious stuff.

music: 5 out of 5
sonics: 4 out of 5

[trial listening]

Over the past weeks I've noticed in scrutiny how people select/buy their car hi-fi largely based on looks alone. How can this be and how can people pre-judge based on appearance? Okay, it could be safe to say that an experienced buyer may be able to guess how a speaker will perform using paper vs. aluminium vs. pp cone midrange or metal vs. silk dome vs. glass tweeters. However upon closer inspection, some of us may have experienced or be suprised how smooth some metal dome tweeters can sound or how smooth sounding good silver cables can be .

Vendors are also smart in manipulating this by pointing out certain products are better than the other because of certain materials or construction being used (half of which are copycats and do not work as intended), which could be true if the person has done his comparisons but in many cases it is pure sales talk. Worst of all if he/she has not even tried or auditioned the product.

Did you know that we see things at 1,086 miles per second and we hear at 1,100 feet per second? Our culture is speeding up because it’s crafted a "seeing is best" mindset. We have television, internet, movies, the list goes on. If the visual world is communication, then is it based on visual alone? It seems to be heading in that direction, doesn't it?

If only we can transform into bats and use our sonar chirps or a dolphin with our sonar clicks, we can understand how to see with sound. In order to hear, truly hear, we must slow down to what seems like a baby crawl in comparison to the speed of light and our sight’s reflection.

Possibly feelings come into play in our selections, differing from male and female. What could be the speed of feeling? Is it faster or slower than light or faster or slower than hearing? And how is it being quantified or tested; measured by feet or by miles? No one really knows, yet can it be measured and if it was you, what would that be?

Feeling is instinctive and touch/smell is a sense. Could feeling be a sense as well? What is different between feeling and hearing? Is there a definition to its difference? Do you sit and watch television with a sense of touch or smell? Have we ever thought of hearing a television program by turning our backs to the telebox? Why not? Why not try it and feel this exact disconnect, this gap, that I'm talking about. Strain your ears to hear. Learn again what it means to hear and what brings sight and sound together?

We see a picture of a perfect 10 women, so beautiful that you want her or if you're a woman, want to be like her. You meet her in the streets one day and hear her voice. It squeaks as if you were running a chalk backwards across a blackboard. You can't wait to run and hide. The disconnect, the gap, was there. But gosh, darn it, she’s a 10, you say. In a split second from sight to sound, the desire to be like her to have her dropped, it wasn't the same.

What would change in your selection if you began really hearing, slowing down to 1,100 feet per second? What would you loose? or rather what would you gain? Would the gain be positive? All thoughts to think about, to mull over in our simple yet complicated little minds.

It should be encouraged to shift a little in your life and begin to give equal value to hearing if you can. To listening to the universal sounds, to what is far below the speed of light. Light that gives you the ability to see. But to begin to see with your ears. A phrase frequently used, "It's not what you say but how you say it". All our senses are on different parts of our rainbow. Don't loose sight of hearing. Practice differently today and tomorrow. Lie in bed and hear the surroundings, the walls. Hear the breeze whenever outdoors. Hear the trees and plants grow. Yes, you can once you learn to hear again. Hear your heart beating and learn how to discern between sight and sound. Close your eyes in the next meeting, what do you hear? What do you not?

It is unfortunate we are not babies, thus it takes a longer time for us to develop our brains to stimulate our listening capabilities. In hi-fi terms, learn how to critical listen. I'm not talking about putting yourself into listening fatigue but practicing how to enjoy music at a different level. Enjoy your sound system but not get engulfed in it. Listen to the music and picture what is behind it... that way we can bridge the listening gap between sight and sound.

The selection of audio signal cables available in the market can be a daunting task. You have to first understand the character of your equipment and find a matching cable to augment your system.

Same goes for car audio, but honestly speaking the selection is less intimidating that home audio. Cables are like equalizers, where picking the wrong ones may destroy the whole tonal balance.

Car audio branded interconnects comes in many varieties, from the conventional two channel to even four channel in one jacket. Popular lengths are 2 meter, 3 meters and 5 meter pairs, depending on where the amplifier is placed. Personally, I prefer mounting the amplifiers under the front seats if space is available. This option allows me to invest in better signal cables that will not cost me an arm and a leg as compared to longer lengths.

Most car audio cables focus on shielding as the main priority because in general the car has a higher noise floor than home. Some cables reject noise better than others and therefore, most people will question the suitability of using home audio cables in car audio, arguing that shielding is insufficient. My answer is simple: understand the construction of the cable and try them. I have seen many home audio cables that is way quieter and performs leaps better than the best available car audio cables.

As a very basic sound guideline to using home audio cables in your car is to pick a cable with not too much emphasis on the highs. Remember, the sitting position in your car does not give you the distance compared to home audio and thus, the tweeters are much closer. A detail freak will most likely select a cable with only emphasis on highs and the end results will be a rather fatiguing and thin sound. My advice is to pick a cable that has good, clear and heavy but not overly done lows or a blend of clarity on the highs, mids and lows. Cables with good separation and imaging is a plus but it should never make the music thin or emotionless. Good lows tend to give a thicker and more analogue sound that is less tiring at loud volumes.

More on cables soon..... nothing beats trying!

We should know better that car thefts have grown to an alarming rate over the past years, so much so that when you report a missing car the police office looks at you with an ‘so what, it happens everyday’ attitude. Auto theft is largely a big-city crime. It scares me knowing that motor vehicles are stolen every minute, every day from shopping malls, streets, driveways, parking lots, garages, and back lanes.

I was told an experienced car thief can steal your car in less than a minute. Most cars are seemingly stolen for the value of their parts including the performance and car audio accessories. Since the majority of us do not purchase insurance for our car audio, it is best to stay away from dark parking spots and non-fee parking areas that have no video cameras or a pay booth. You have to be extra careful if you own a car which belongs to the list of top stolen cars.

As a car audio enthusiast, you may want to keep your music in your car and not outside. It is advisable not to blast the music upon reaching your destination and it is good practice to turn your stereo off two minutes before. This allows you pay better attention to your parking surroundings and best of all, to let your battery charge up a little before turning your car off.

I hope this is not a boring subject to touch upon since this is my first virgin post as a contributor to this excellent blog (thanks Leslie!) Sharing it here serves as a reminder to you and me that the unexpected can happen at a blink of an eye. Alternatively, I wonder if this cute little watch doggie can scare the car thieves away or most likely get stolen along with it? :D

some stark changes happening in me...i am seeing myself veering away from being a hardcore audiophile towards a much more serious musicphile (i was already serious before), thanks largely to my recent involvement in my audiophile CD project.

gone are the days where i look forward to house-to-house visits to listen to others' systems and spend countless hours at the mamak stalls talking about nothing but hifi. such activities are still fun, once in a while, and with the right crowd, but i no longer yearn for it. there are many reasons for that. chief of all is the politics behind this hobby. it is not really my character to take the mickey out of someone's system and offer quick-fix solutions to whatever perceived shortcomings in his system. many audiophiles revel in such activities but that's not really the most intellectual part about this hobby, for me at least.

making my first album makes me realize that hifi is nothing but a conduit, some neatly assembled hardware to produce the kind of sound that i want. ultimately, it is the music that touches my soul and moves me. now that i have found the hifi sound that i desire, i am going to concentrate on discovering more good music, or better still, make music that i like, and hopefully other people would like.

which is not to say i am not going to upgrade or dabble in hifi anymore. far from it. i am going to be much more critical in selecting hifi components from now onwards cos i now know the process of music-making and i have better understanding of the oft-abused term "musicality". i have witnessed the difference in roger wang's guitaring, based on his moods, health conditions and feel for the music. musicality is such an abstract thing that it has to be heard to believe.

and the wonderful thing is, now when i sit in my sweet spot with my system on, i am less anal (well, a leopard cannot change its spots overnight ;-) about the little blemishes here and there. instead, i just get drown in the music.

and if that little ipod or MP3 player can give you the same vibes without spending the kind of money that i spent, you are indeed very lucky ;-)

Now that I've disposed off my entry level home theater system, I'm left with the dauting task of... err.. hang on ... should not call it daunting task actually. Should call it .... the pleasurable task of seeking, sourcing and configuring my new home theater system.
At this point of time the following are the factors that i am taking into account :

1. sound quality
2. visual quality & impact
3. budget. price to sound/visual quality ratio & return
4. living room configuration
5. aesthetic appeal and practicality
6. time factor available to do research & source. (whether i am hardworking or lazy)

I give my self 2-3 months to decide as i have to hand over my beloved system (amongst others) by then.
Hence the beginining of a slightly more interesting deviation in my life.

Leslie, thanks for the intro. Hope you'll recover your expensive mic very soon and in mint condition!

My interest is in gadgets... any kind that I find interesting enough. Although I will try to keep my posts to AV related stuff, I will post anything else that I like to share with you.

And do feel free to drop me a note if you like to discuss any related topic. I will post a reply or the discussion in this blog!

good news! i have invited 4 more guest bloggers to join in the fun. each of them is a domain expert in their respective field, ie. car audio, gadget, AV/HT. some of them are also contributors in av xpress.

it is gonna be really cool to have them in this blog. i really hope they can spice up this growing blog community.

can you welcome them with thunderous applause? haha.

remember my review on mark lui's (HK ace pop producer) first audiopile cd? a couple of you have bought the cd after reading my review and are certainly impressed with the recording. indeed, having built his megabuck studio, the moooon studio, mark is exploiting his resources to the max. he has a strong team to begin with, what with such top-notch facility at his disposal.

here's come another credible effort from mark lui - miriam yeung's swan song with GOLD LABEL. (note: miriam has joined A-MUSIC, a label which is owned by leon lai). it is customary for the record label to squeeze the last drop of blood from the artiste once he/she is gone by releasing a compilation or greatest hits. it is easy to accuse GOLD LABEL of this cheap intent judging from the no-frills and almost plain packaging (note: HK albums are known for their over-the-top packaging and design) but a quick listen will confirm that this album is pretty substantial.

i think by how you all should know that i am a sucker for tasteful cover versions. here, miriam sings all the recent popular cantopop hit songs, mostly composed by the man himself, mark lui. isn't that smart, mark doesn't even to pay publishing rights for these songs since he is the owner!

i really like some of miriam's interpretations, peppered with light jazz touches here and there. in particular, those songs composed by justin lo (Juk Tin) are really really refreshingly good and miriam delivers with her usual coolness. lovely!

my favourite are track #2, #4, #6, #8. admittedly, miriam doesn't always do better than the original version. there are 2-3 here which are really ordinary.

recording is just average. it is obvious that there is a budget limit to this production. the audiophile-grade recording facility in moooon studio is not fully utilized. but it is the music that counts.

sonics: 3/5
music: 4/5

as usual, i have uploaded the best song for you to try out ;-)

This is an open congratulatory note to the man behind avxpress.


gosh, really have to "bertungkus lumus" for this issue of av xpress! finally, it is out this week!

juggling between four jobs (2 day jobs and 2 "hobby" jobs) is no laughing matter, i find myself torn between many things, some important and some not-so-important. but most of the times, i am enjoying myself! btw, the money i earn from my two day jobs goes to feed my 2 "hobby" jobs, and i am sure you know which 2 "hobby" jobs i am talking about!

this issue has been the most difficult because one of my writers has stopped contributing and another totally missing in action. it is never easy soliciting articles from freelance writers. they just don't have the obligation to you.

for the magazine, since this is going to debut in starbucks cafes nationwide, i am slowly moving away from hardcore hifi contents to concentrate on more music-oriented contents. in fact, i want to seek more music writers in due course.

you should find the magazine in the following records shops, starting this thursday. but you have to be fast, really fast:

1) rock corner - 1-utama
2) tower records - 1-utama
3) victoria music centre - atria, SS2
4) victoria music centre - amcorp mall
5) rock corner - bangsar village
6) tower record - KLCC (much later date)

or, the following hifi shops:

1) audio matic - amcorp mall
2) audio synthesis - amcorp mall
3) audio note - mont kiara

for starbucks cafes, because we miss the mid-october circulation cycle, it will only be available nationwide in mid-November, around 14-15th november. readers from other states, please take note.

it is really a tough job but someone has got to do it :-)

recording is a arduous process and roger is not the kind of marathon musician that can go on and on. a lot of times, when we felt that he wasn't in the right mood in giving the right "feel" for the song, we would take a break or a short rest.

and for the past two sessions, we have been consuming this superb pork intestine soup in shamelin food court and the ming kee's BBQ pork just opposite our studio, respectively. roger fell in love with this soup instantly and he had been consuming it almost everyday. it works wonders! many a times, after the lunch break, roger would slow down considerably (due to full stomach, we suppose) and start to play really mellow and 'in the mood'. we were all shocked by the dramatic effect! even winnie, who thinks consuming chilli would help her to open up her vocal chord, would start to sing better and get into the right mood.

so, the joke among us is that if you ever feel uninspired, take some pork!


the photo shooting in yippieyaya studio in kelana jaya is a truly fun session. the two gals were all dressed to the nine by our image consultant. even roger looked smart throughout, tho' he wasn't use this this kind of elaborate shooting.

i have never been to a full-day shooting session so this is some sort of an eye opener for me too. the trio was given 3 costume sets and they have to pose for individual shots as well as team shots. i managed to capture some of these on my camera but it didn't turn up well.

the shooting is really for our album cover, poster and other promo materials in the future. we are spending close to RM8K for this whole thing, quite a lot of money if you ask me. but looking at the creative work done by the photography team, i am happy to say that every sen is worth it.

for the album cover concept, our creative director eddy mooted the concept of "music in motion". so he wanted the three members of 2V1G to be in a moving state, instead of posing still. it was so fun to see the three of them jumping, dancing, and moving about randomly in front of the camera! even roger, who initially seemed reluctant to join in the fun, started to relax and really participate in the shooting. needless to say, regine and winnie had a field day posing in front of the camera!

i dare to say that our album cover is gonna be real cool.

the AKG mic was stolen on the same day we had our photo shooting. this is the incidence that marred what has been so far a perfect time for all of us involved in the project.

Our expensive, legendary AKG C12VR vacuum tube condenser mic was stolen by two middle-east conman while we were having dinner in KLCC last night. They used some mean tricks to divert our attention and another man just grapped the expensive-looking box and ran away.

We believe these thieves would try to dispose it off locally, instead of carrying it back to overseas or their home country.

We would therefore seek your help to broadcast this message to as many (relevant) people as possible. If he/she comes across a green-coloured mic with gold plated grille-top in a silver-platinum case, with serial number (limited edition) 2510 and being sold at abnormally low price, please contact me immediately at 012-2083790.

A reward of RM1,000 will be given to the informant.

Thanks for your help.

this is my first youtube experience! wow wee!

seen here regine doing a practice with roger on "snowy love" (qing xue), a classic long song originally sung by tracy huang but made popular by faye wong.

more stories to come...

story to come...

the introduction of shunyata hydra into my system necessitates some changes to the rest of my ancillaries, notably my power cords. the hydra is great on the mids and lows but i find the highs a bit wanting. i have outgrown the (showy) highs from richard gray and i want something in between of the hydra and RGPC.

so, after some mix and match or power cords, i have found my ultmate solutions in the form of ps audio xstream statement sc power cord (for cd player) and black rhodium polar knight power cord (for preamp). the latest from ps audio has beautiful mid-highs while retaining the strengths of its predecessor, (ie. density and weight), whereas the cryo-treated black rhodium also give crystalline highs that is hard to find at its price point. the pencil-thin cord is great for my preamp. from my experience, water-hose type of thick power cords are never never good for preamp.

with this combi of power cords, my sound has stricken the perfect balance of liquid highs, meaty mids and tactile lows. it is heavenly to my ears. being a tonal guy, this is my best achievement.

this current sound is going to stick for a long while before i get itchy and go for another milestone.

the irony is i achieve this pinnacle of hifi sound when i am playing alone, with no one to share my joy/sorrow with.

who ever says success doesn't not come with a price? :-)

After much hesitation, I have decided to stop.

In this last post of mine, I present to you Cheer Chen's 4th encore in her Singapore A Piece of Summer concert.

Many thanks for all your support!

hands-up those who had had air supply's songs as his love anthems in his primary or secondary school? i would be the first one to own up. when i first heard "lost in love" in the late 70s, i instantly made it my lover's concerto, the kind that i reserved for my 1st girlfriend. true enough, i did get a girl at the tender age of 17, a pretty one no less, and those air supply melodies filled up my bittersweet salad days more than any other pop music. when i joined ACS, ipoh in form 1, air supply was very much the rage in malaysia and every aspiring school bands played their tunes to death in prom nights and other social functions. i subsequently managed to woo my 2nd girlfriend, another pretty lass, in form 6 and we too shared fond memories of air supply music.

looking back, air supply's music wasn't really earth-shattering nor creative but it is sweet and simple enough to appreciate. when i went to varsity in sydney, i soon outgrew air supply and moved on to other genres.

so how could i resist when i saw this audiophile CD in new disc village (adelphi) last saturday? for 30 years, air supply has never made an acoustic cd, with a guitar and two voices (russell and graham), just like my soon-to-be-released album, 2V1G. with much anticipation, i bought the CD without much trying and hesitation. even air supply is making audiophile CD, how times have changed :-)

so it is any good? sure, the musical elements are still there in abundance, aided by a more-than-decent (tho' not excellent) recording. some of the songs really fit the acoustic arrangement. but something irks me...

it must be ageing that causes russell hitchcock (the shorter guy) to lose some of his high octave energy and smoothness; he just can't seem to hit the high notes as effortlessly as in the past, like, 30 years ago. in fact, his high pitch is coarse and edgy. he even struggles in some songs like "making love out of nothing at all", which has a beautiful climax. his rendition in some songs is what we call in hokkien "jia lat", very energy-sapping and tiring.

having said that, i must say i still love some of the songs like "lost in love", "all out of love", "two less lonely people in the world" in this simple acoustic arrangement. these are eternal classics to those love-lorn students in the 70s and 80s.

if you are air supply fan, get it without batting an eyelid, else better listen to russell's high notes and judge whether you can accept the difference.

p/s - i don't think this CD has reached malaysia yet but you can enquire with interglobal (03-41428133) since they distribute for evo sound, which this CD is licensed under.

music - 8/10
sonic - 7/10

roger was feeling slightly better on 2nd day so we began our recording of the guitar for two of the tracks, "more than friends" and "coming home".

our recording method is to record vocal and guitar on separate tracks. we want to record guitar first with our singers singing at the same time. once the guitar part is done, we can take our own sweet time to concentrate on the vocals. this approach can "free up" roger since he is not based in kl and he can't spend more than 3 days in kl.

for "more than friends", it took close to 10 takes before jin liang is happy. it is apparent that roger was struggling doing chinese ballads for the first time. the tempo was much too slow than what he used to with double take and farid ali's no strings attached.

doing "coming home" was much easier tho' as it took only 4 takes. we were all gasping when roger started doing a "line" guitar (a 2nd track added to the 1st), a solo interlude that was gorgeously, heartachingly beautiful. i looked at winnie when the guitar solo came out, we couldn't believe any guitarist can do such magical improvisation.... we were amazed, impressed, touched and moved, all at the same time. "coming home" is gonna be our single, for sure. for the first time, i witnessed the magic of a line guitar... gosh, it is breathlessly beautiful!

the 3rd day saw roger smiling and getting more talkative as he had recovered a fair bit. we have two more songs to cover on the last day of our first session. we started with "march", a personal favourite of mine, composed by jin liang. naturally, jin liang's expectations were high; as a composer only he knows the love story behind this beautiful song. roger attempted many times but didn't manage to satisfy jin liang. our producer wanted roger to give a very sad, lonely and mellow tone to the song and he thinks roger's playing is too fast and too "happy". everyone was getting exhausted so we ended up with a "not-too-bad" version of the guitar but all of us instinctively know that jin liang wasn't happy. in all likelihood, we want roger to re-do this song when he returns next week, after having a deeper appreciation of the song and the story behind it.

the last song is "endless love" that we wanted roger to do a bossa nova arrangement. roger sat down, armed with his mac laptop and his maton, and he did it within one hour. the end result is a latin-infused tune that is completely different from the original 'feel' of the song and that's what we wanted. winnie was visibly impressed with roger's improvisation and she kept uttering "i like it! i like it!". i smiled approvingly.

by 6pm, we have completed recording the guitar part for the last two songs for this session, and roger was ready to head to LCCT for his "journey home". during the journey, roger admitted to me that he faced some difficulties on the first two days, mainly because he has never played anything that slow and sentimental before but now he's got the hang of it, he is happy. to him, it is a minor breakthru working with a chinese producer of jin liang's calibre. i am so glad that he sees it that way! on a funnier note, roger himself has started humming to the songs!

the first session ended well with roger himself immersing himself more and more into the songs and our two singers getting to know each other better and work out the chemistry. we are all happy but we are sure we can even do better in the next session which begins this saturday.

for me, it was an exhilarating session witnessing "the making of 2V1G". having winnie and regine singing infront of me is already a blessing, what more can i ask for?

i can't wait for the arrival of the AKG mic and witness winnie pours her heart and soul in "coming home" when she begins the vocal recording next week.