double take's christmas album has plenty of audiophilia credentials

the last double take's album (their debut) was such a marvellous recording that even audiophiles picked them up without a complaint.

returning with their 2nd album, a christmas album, this recording is even better than the first. roger wang, the sabahan guitarist and recording engineer, must have been an audiophile in his previous life to come out with such a gem of recording.

very warm, vivid, airy and pristine guitar sound, coupled with mia palencia's (the female vocalist) honey-toasted and smokey voice, you have a combination that never fails to entertain. if you system has good presence, you should have mia presented in a very palpable manner. it is as good as hearing her sing live! also, if your system fails to capture the liveliness, crispiness and attack of the guitar, then something is definitely wrong.

roger has refreshing arrangements for some of these old-time christmas songs, while mia penned two very sweet songs specially about christmas in malaysia.

something that all malaysians should be proud of.

you are going to thank me profusely if you follow my advice diligently:

call audio art, ipoh (05-2432339) and ask them to install the stage III concepts jumper into your MCB (circuit breaker), that's assuming you have a dedicated audiophile-grade MCB for your hifi. (note: MCB is the "fuse" installed in your ELCB)

the results are nothing but astounding. imagine adding 2-3 times the impact of a richard gray power delivery box. the improvement are shocking, surreal, tangible, across the board, covering the full spectrum - transparency enhanced, mids density thickens, lows more tactile and bouncy, ambience and air more apparent, harmonic textures become richer, highs more refined.... i would have willingly paid RM5-10K for this sort of improvement in my system. but no, a single unit of stage III jumper only costs less than RM1K.

the improvement i derive far exceeds the change of interconnects, speaker cables or power cords. it will probably makes sense since we are talking about the source of your power supply. over the last few months, i have become a fervert believer that power supply makes or breaks the system. power corrupts, as they say.

of course, you can use other make top-grade jumpers like AQ, but you won't derive the full pleasure if you don't use stage III.

people who know my system well know how exquisite the highs are. now i have upped the ante. it is quite a sound to behold. damn shiok and damn fun too.

listen up, hurry up, do yourself a great favour.