we bumped into mia palencia at no black tie last night and she told us that she has just released her debut solo album! check it out at popfolio

the album is recorded, mixed and mastered by her long-time partner roger wang, our guitar man for 2v1g as well.

mia is currently having a roadshow at major MPH bookstores nationwide.

[mia's profile]

Singer songwriter, jazz crooner, voice actor, public speaker and occasionally a theatre personality, Mia Palencia is a woman of many talents. She kicked off her career as the other half of well-known local jazz act Double Take at the age of 14, with whom she has released two albums.

She has sung for kings, travelled the world as a public speaker and a vocalist, and, most recently, begun exploring the world of cartoons as a voice actor.

Mia released her first solo single, 'Sayang' in September 2006. Her first solo album, 'Finding My Way', has been released in digital format on www.popfolio.net/miapalencia and is set to be launched in its physical form in April 2008.


jack said...

I told my friends in the states to check her out ,and they are really Impressed with Sayang.

I need to buy 10 cds for them,is the album available in MPH?

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

hi jack,

yes, it is available at mph. mia would be impressed by your support, for sure!

i am attending her showcase on 17/4/2008 at 1-u mph... hope to see you there!

here's the details of her roadshow:


12.04.08 - MPH Subang Parade at 7.30pm

13.04.08 - Unitar College at 11.00am

+ MPH Mid Valley at 7.30pm

15.04.08 - KDU College, Auditorium at 1.00pm

17.04.08 - MPH 1 Utama at 3.00pm

18.04.08 - International College Of Music at 5.30pm

+ The Guitar Store, Sri Hartamas at 7.30pm

25.04.08 - Taylors College, PJ at 7.00pm

Jack said...

I think you have done wonderfully well to promote the lessen known Asians artists that we in the West are ignorant about...

Anyway they all really like the Sean Ghazi's album that you recommended before,and I am really impressed with your knowladge in Music and Hi-fi.

Unfortunately I won,t be here here during those dates you mentioned,but she sure owe you dinner!!!


maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

thanks, jack, for the good words!

when i get disappointed and all depressed in my lonely battle to promote hifi in malaysia, i will re-read all these nice compliments from my readers!

cuebiz said...

I happened to be at 1U on 17/4 for an appointment. Since still got time, I pop in to MPH to browse some books and suddenly I heard a powerful voice singing on the floor below. I am impressed enough by the performance that I buy the CD and had it autograph by Mia. Yeah!