still remember my RM10K challenge? last month, i offered RM10k to anyone who can solve my AC problems permanently.

i just told victor (the dealer, audio creations) that after plugging in the audio magic stealth mini reference for the last 5 nights, the usual problems with my AC seem to have disappeared, momentarily, at least. i couldn't detect any anomalies for 5 consecutive nights, which is extremely rare.

something funny tells me that this jerry ramsey's product is different. it may be able to solve my nagging problem. i can't be sure and i can only speculate.

until i read this in audio magic's website. a customer from hk wrote:

it is also apparent that the changes in sound that I noticed when I listened before between daytime and nighttime (the system sounded more involving and smooth at late night to early morning) are gone, the sound from the system is now very reliable and independent of the time of the day. This is great since I found it pretty frustrating to enjoy a record late at night a lot, then getting up on the next morning playing it again and wondering where the magic from the night before had suddenly gone.

i am still not sure but i am praying hard that i myself am the one who is going to pocket the RM10K reward.


audioexplorer said...

Have you ever looked into the PS Audio Power Plant Premier? The silence between the notes is startling and yet the decay time of a sound is unbelievable. I wouldn't use it for amps because it might restrict current, but for other components it is out of this world. I had one in my system for about 2 months and miss it a lot.

Anonymous said...

It's the QRT in the Audio Magic similar to Combak's ALS-777 which has one inside too.

ray said...

audio explorer I think you have been bought over by marketing glibs

cclang said...

Very good observations>..You get very consistent sound with this ..

Their higher end models are even better

zack said...

PS audio Power plant is a power amp fashioned in a shape of Power Conditioner.

Even RGPC 400 s will humbled it

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

audio explorer,
the ps audio ppp is not my cup of tea ;-)

jacky said...

Maggielurva did audiotion the PPP last month .
He ended up having to teach the dealers and the folks at PS audio on how to use it properly.

It was quite a brilliant piece,on someone who really trust his ears..
that,s our Maggielurva for you,

GadgetBuzzer said...

audioexplorer is spot on regarding the silence that the PPP brings to the system.

I probably had something to do with MaggieLurva testing out the PPP. I have been using one for more than a year now for my sources and pre-amp/DAc and am happy with it. But ML's issue is sorting out his power-induced sound inconsistency problem and the PPP might or might not work for him; which in his case it didn't.

I know there are ppl who for their own reasons dislike PSAudio's products (probably also because PSA is reasonably successful commercialy and they do advertise more than other audio power conditioning companies), which is fine because everyone is entitled to their own views, and in this subjective hobby, there really is no hard right or wrong.

viper said...


So this audio magic really solved ur problem?

I've this AC problem as well. With the help of Tacima it seems it had solve the problem.

But the problem is it alter the sound after the tacima?

Any solution can you recomment?

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

hi viper,

i couldn't conclude at the moment since my reviewer has taken away the audio magic for review, as i need prolonged listening.

rest assured i will announce it here once i have got a firm answer!