it is gratifying to see this happening in US - american express collaborating with hifi retailer musicdirect in their plum card program, supposedly a credit card for the businessmen in the trade. musicdirect received plum card number 4350 (out of the initial 10,000), and to quote what amex said, "i can't wait to see what they do with it".

in a slightly different offering, the EPP (easy payment plan) scheme that malaysian credit card companies offer to hifi dealers and end-consumers is not really popular in malaysia because mark-up is too high and mathematically smart audiophiles feel that they are getting a raw deal.

if only local banks can offer something like a plum card to hifi dealers then it may ease their cashflow and allow them to manage their finances better.

it is simply beautiful to see hifi being featured in mainstream television for once!


KM Ng said...

The female voice in the ad says, "How you turn your passion for sound into these sources of gear for audiophiles everywhere."

And, I see turntables, tubes, tonearms, walls of LPs...

Yes, there is hope for hi fi and music.

shin said...

where do you getall this info maggie?

no wonder your blog is popular!!!

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...


i read widely ;-)