my oh my!

my cheque book is all ready but where's my pen?

the audio magic stealth mini reference (USD1,200) has the best midbass i have ever heard in all the power products i have auditioned and owned all these years!

fair, it still can't beat the shunyata hydra in tonal seductiveness and RPGC's delicacy in the highs but the midbass, the midbass, the midbass! the AM's midbass transforms my maggie's mylar diaphragm into a 10" cone woofer! playing teddy robin CD with drum works aplenty is such an unprecedented joy!

the mids are more neutral than the hydra. some may like it but some like me may find it bland. but could it be the truth? (and the truth always hurts) could it be that shunyata hydra actually colors the sound and make it sexy and intoxicating? i need to sleep on this issue for a few days.

i have burned it for close to 300 hours now (including jerry ramsey's 200 hours), the highs (hence airiness) still lose out by 5-10% to shunyata. i am going to add another 100 hours of cooking. if the highs can equal shunyata, then victor pheh of audio creation (the dealer) can collect the cheque from me.

midbass-cum-ATC lover master ken is gonna take it home for his evaluation/review for av xpress this weekend.

the inner voice in me screaming - "stop the euphoria, maggielurva, why not wait for ken's conclusion too before you sign on the dotted line?"

now you have two reviewers comparing notes, you just can't go wrong, can you? ;-)


Michael Ng said...

Show us some pictures of the beautiful looking 'rear-end' dude. ;)

Viv said...

My experience with the magic is exactly like yours.

I think The Magic's main strenght is its neutrality.

Pascal said...

Audio Magic"s Transcendence[their flagship}Is what You need.

It burned My Shunyata V-Ray like I can't believe it.

I personally feel Both RGPC and SHUNYATA range add a fair bit of colouration,their sonic signiture if you like.I do not like the idea of my pc doing that.Some people might not mind

sid said...

"midbass-cum-ATC-lover"....Sound like you had an aural orgasm Maggielurva.

Is it really that good?

jiji said...

Very,very accurate description ,

Malaysians would be better served by having more competitions to RGPC ansd Shunyata.

Anonymous said...

Are the Audio Pulse Gen available in Malaysia yet? they are having an offer on their website.