say no to politics in hifi

i know it will come. the day has come. the demands from the dealers on the (relative) positioning of their ads; the (unreasonable) expectations from their ads etc. etc.

and i hate all these. i really do. i am not a politician and i am not good in licking the balls/asses of these dealers.

chinese has a proverb - those who eat salted fish must be able to withstand the thirst. in this case, the salted fish i ate is bloody salty! i feel like throwing up all this salted fish i ate.

many dealers still don't know that i do av xpress not for the money, but for the passion and satisfaction of having a voice in this industry. some compare me with my sole competitor - the local chinese mag with a 14-year history behind it and practically monopolizes the market - saying that i am not politically sensitive and tactful. hey, that guy depends on the mag for his livelihood yeah and i don't!

i am thinking of making av xpress totally independent. as long as someone is willing to sponsor the printing cost and contribution fee (for my writers), then i am willing to do it as a non-profit project. you know of any organization who is willing to sponsor RM5K per issue? or you readers can form a common fund (tabung av xpress) for av xpress? only then i can be free of all this crap and politicking. only then i can be a really strong voice in the industry.

on the brighter note, i am venturing into event organization. somebody with good track record is inviting me to invest in his event company. and he has already a mega act lined up in october. i am game cos music and entertainment line is my calling. with music/cd business being a sunset biz, live concert is the way to go. at least, you can't duplicate/pirate a live concert. music lovers are willing to pay for live concerts.

i shall be announcing the act and sell tickets in this blog soon, once we have confirmation from the agent.


symonds said...

No worries ,mate.

Just teething problems.

Nothing good in life comes easy,as the saying goes

Anonymous said...

May be you should price your ad locations separately, those willing to pay, get the preferred position, hehe!

juju said...

Smart businessman you are anonymous...

Michael Ng said...

In this day in age, you can't please everyone at the same time. If you're happy with where the magazine is heading, it is okay to let some walk. That way you can focus on the ones that appreciate your work and continue to do what you do best.