as many of you know, centre circle in TTDI has just shifted to another shoplot on the same row and it is looking even better than before - brighter, cozier, sunnier and definitely more customer-friendly.

in the new shop, there is plenty of displays of the very ergonomically-looking auralex acoustic panels such as the ones in the pictures.

the audio tiles look really cool. the guy who invented this ingenious design must have a fussy wife at home.

nelson, the boss, urges you guys to check out the auralex for your room treatment. it comes in an assortment of colours and shapes to fit your interior decor.

in USA, auralex boasts of a clientele from a to z. at the moment, nelson's major clients are studio owners.

it's about time you guys check it out.


GCK said...

You ought to try out the Acoustic Systems Int. Resonators. They are more pleasing to the eye (not much to see) and I believe they work better than any conventional room treatment. It definitely is better than my DIY room treamtment using carton box with stuffed newspaper.
It wil make the room disappear let alone the speakers disappear.

jimmy said...

gck ,I am also a user and I absolutely agree with you.

having said that ,If your room is acoustically treated ,the effect is a lot more.

for me there is less and less need for a dedicated listening room built from scratch but acoustic treatments and recsonators are the wayn forward.

richard said...

i have been using many different room tuning but finaqlly settle with VTS tuning dot from Marigo audio
Generally though the better treated the room the better the effect of resonators.

so certainly products like auralex will work synergistically with thwe room resonators.JMHO

gerhard said...

There are 2 different types of resonators:

1]Hardware resonators,this work in tandem with isolation devices.To me the best of the best in these categories are the finite elemente pucs and resonators.Unbelieveable!!!

2]Room resonators.You have to treat the room to get the best out of them.Acoustic systems are quite incredible,but you must know to match the different types,and iof you decide to use one,you should treat your room first then get the whole set

mccallum said...

I l;ike auralex a lot.
It is fairly easy too set ,and you good very good dispersion of acoustic.

Simple and fairly reasonable[At least in US]

GCK said...

My room has the thick curtain on the back and front wall. It has corner treatment as well. That will stay.
But the carton box and the carton sheet nailed to the back wall(back of speakers)will have to go. They created some low frequency resonance that appear on certain tracks after putting in the resonators.Agree the wall treatment like Auralex might enhance the the overall music experience.