we are at the final stages of our year-long project - mastering by HK audiophile guru, keith yip of rock in music!

2V1G is gonna be the first chinese acoustic pop group in malaysia that uses the alternative media (blog) to launch its internet pre-sales starting 18th may 2008!

we have created a superb blog complete with mp3 playlist and purchase details for the CD.

we will soon be announcing the new blog here!

[p/s] do you like the black-n-white cover? ultra kool, ain't it? it is designed by creative director, eddie hor of black box, one of the biggest entertainment hub in malaysia. eddie's idea is to create a theme for the album which is "music in motion". we all like it very much!


GCK said...

Leslie, yes I like the design cover. Save on printing costs too, black n white maa. Book 1 for me.

Anonymous said...

Can you get them do some live numbers at the coming KL AV show? This is what other AV shows have. Good for promoting the group too.

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

hi anonymous,

we are considering performing in kliav show. let's keep our fingers crosssed ;-)


GCK said...
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