we are gaining momentum! i feel a deep sense of satisfaction distributing av xpress free copies to dealers, even to those who don't advertise with us. i feel like a santa claus dishing out goodies to all and sundry!

this issue, av xpress goes back to colour (cover pages) again! many have complained about the black-n-white colour scheme in past issues! we heard you and we promise we would never revert back to black-n-white again!

you can find free copies at:

[record shop]
1)tower records (KLCC, 1-U)
2)victoria music (Atria, Amcorp Mall)
3)rock corner (1-U, Bangsar Village, The Curve***) ***note - rock corner at the curve has moved to ground floor

[hifi shop]
1) audio matic (amcorp)
2) A&L (amcorp)
3) audio synthesis (amcorp)
4) future technology (amcorp)
5) all CMY branches (by friday this week)
6) zest audio (city square, by friday this week)
7) music by design (city square, by friday this week)
8) CJ audio (the mall, by friday this week)
9) perfect hifi (IOI mall, by friday this week)
10) audio image (ss2, PJ)
11) centre circle (TTDI, KL)
12) audio note (mont kiara, by friday this week)

[outstation dealers]
9) dong fong audio (ipoh)
10) audio art (ipoh)
11) AVE Hi-fi Centre (Perai)
12) Eng Hi-Fi (Kulim, Kedah)
14) Eng Hi-Fi (Bukit Mertajam)
15) Perfect Match AV and Hifi (Melaka)
16) Happy Photo (Penang)
17) C&O Audiophile Enterprise (Kampar, Perak)

[starbucks cafes]
we won't advise getting from starbucks cafes as they are grabbed up almost instantly. by right, customers cannot take home any in-store mags but many starbucks' customers ignore this regulation and just take home any mag they fancy. many readers have complained that they can't find av xpress in starbucks.

[contributors wanted]
calling potential writers, especially expat readers who want to contribute - we are short of contributors/writers and you can play a part in this very fun and rewarding project that is av xpress!


Anonymous said...

what about kota kinabalu,sabah? i can't find a copies in the city,do something,pls.

ooi said...

None in Alor Setar too.

A lot of lonely audiophiles up north ,and we all love you!!!

Anonymous said...

Put the pdf file on the web lah...
Just like Tone Audio and Afforadable Audio... save the trees and more far-reaching

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

yes, i need a distributor in kk, miri, sibu, alor setar, jb and other states i missed out... can you guys let me know the local hifi dealers' contacts?

ooi, you are so sweeeeet ;-)

i don't think audiophiles in malaysia are fully online yet. besides, the blog and the mag serve different purpose. hope you understand.

Anonymous said...

in kota kinabalu can call mr a-kai chin h/p 0168318660,the only hifi dealer in kota kinabalu

ooi said...

in alor setar you can call `max ng [architect@ audiophile]0124071133

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

readers in alor setar and kk - i have contacted the dealers and i am sending the mags over tomorrow!

thanks for the help!

Ooi said...


maggielurva 愛美姬 said...


max seems to be in overseas, do you have his shop's address?


ooi said...

Here's the address:
Ng architects,
Lorong Tun SS Shahabuddin *,
Taman Lumba Kuda,
Alor Setar,
poskod 05250

ooi said...

Lorong Tun SS Shahabuddin 8

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...


i have courier them via poslaju just now. please let max ng know. he should receive them by monday next week.

thanks for the support!

Kiasuman said...

I have been looking for your mag in KK but to no avail all this time, ever since i read one of your copies in the KLAV show in 2007. I must thank you for taking the trouble to send some copies to KK. Will make my way to A-kai ASAP. Thanx a million

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

hi kiasuman,

kk readers certainly deserve my support!

my guitarist, roger wang is from kk too!

Anonymous said...


Just got my copy earlier today and thoroughly enjoyed the 12 animals horoscope of the rat year!

Absolutely spot on for my animal year! A true reflection of my curent year desires and even right down to mt dream CDP upgrade model!!!

I am very impressed! Which sifu did you have to consult for the accuracy?

Great work again, and l love the return to colours too!

Keep it up.

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

hi anonymous,

my sifu is lilian two, not related to lilian too ;-)