let's be realistic, a lot of genuine music lovers can't stand this whole idea about audiophilia cos all they want is good sound at a reasonable price. aesthetics and convenience play an important part in their choice of hardware.

tivoli audio has paved the way for lifestyle music system that is acceptable even by critical audiophiles. april music, a seoul-based south korean company, the people behind russ andrews and stello, went a step further to gain audiophile's acceptance by creating this all-in-one player, the aura note music centre.

on the outside, aura note oozes retro styling, beautiful casing and classy finishing. it is simply a joy to ogle! no wonder, as april music enlisted the help of english design guru, kenneth grange, to do the styling and ergonomics. many have ranked the styling of aura note alongside lifestyle brands like bang and olufsen, only with better sound.

the aura note is a magical combination of a cd player, am/fm tuner, a 50w single-ended push-pull power amp with a line input and a pair of USB inputs for mp3 players and PCs. all it needs is a pair good speakers! the USB ports means it can connect to memory sticks, PCs and USB hard drives and playback mp3, wma and OGG files at bit-rates up to 192kbps.

reviewer david allcock of hifi world magazine called the aura note "a tremendously impressive all-in-one system at the price". he describes aura note's sound as being "slightly on the warm side of neutral, with extra richness and warmth being concentrated in the upper bass/lower midrange". david also noted that the 50w of tube power gives grand scale and power, generating real drama and energy in the music.

calling all music lovers who don't want the hassle of mix 'n' match separates - aura note may just be your ideal solution to a whole new world of music. and we can assure you that your girlfriend/spouse will love the looks of it.

call uncle edwin tan of RAVE@city square at 012-3242434 and he would be glad to demo the aura note to you.

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henry t said...

we are looking at the future of hi-fi,

One box solutions and serve based music bank.

It makes me both happy and sad,
Happy because i could see a lot more gen mp3 embracing it