this is the most exciting news to us - music label rock in music of hong kong has agreed to distribute 2v1g in hong kong and taiwan!

just how many "new" artists get to break into international market with its debut album? we are so lucky!

the icing on the cake is that keith yip, the boss of rock in, finds our recording "very good" and "is good enough for release as audiophile cd". he also likes the music, altho' "it may not appeal to those who want more than a solo guitar accompaniment".

my engineer, vong, was the happiest man on earth! mark my words, vong is gonna be the most sought after audiophile-grade recording engineer in malaysia after the launch of 2v1g!


canto fanatics said...


Great to hear this news!

Would like to have a listen:) Are these canto songs? or Shi da ge?

Keat Chong said...

Look forward to listen. I hardly buy any cd nowadays and anticipating purchasing less than 5 or even close to none this year and completely no to highly priced audiophile cd. This album could be the second purchase after in rainbow.

GadgetBuzzer said...

Excellent news! Look forward to seeing it on sale in the shops here.

hifikaki said...

Can't wait to get my hand on a copy! :-)

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

hi canto,
the songs are mandarin love song in the 80s/90s - all classics.

i will put up a mp3 playlist very soon. do watch this space!

survey finds that no 25 year-old or below buys cds nowadays. guess you are in that age group?

Terence said...

bro, are you intending to issue in vinyl pressing? t

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

hi terence,
it all depends on the initial response. if people like it, we will consider releasing xrcd and vinyl!

we would also perform gigs at places like no black tie...

so the future is bright ;-)

canto fanatics said...

can i buy a copy from u, i can pick it up from u as i stay in BU too, not far from your address stated in AV magazines.

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

hi canto,

thanks! can i have your mobile? once we have the cds, i will contact you.

Keat Chong said...

Depend lar. Btw, I'm not belong to that age group and I do not do download. But you got to be exceptional good to lure me paying. :P.I only pissed off with local shop who sell those imported cd so high. So, i usually hold and wait.History tell me I might end up not buying or have a chance to visit usa/taipei for short stay where i can buy in cheaper price or the USA pressed. But I think your album worth a try.Congrat.

ees said...

This is great. Can we make pre-order?

How's this CD distribution method up north in Penang/Kedah/AlorStar? I'm staying Penang currently

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

hi ees,

yes, you can make a reservation now but cd will only be available after 18th may. as an added bonus, those who order online (via the blog) will have the autographs of the 3 artists. for northern buyers, the price is RM39.90 + RM3 (poslaju). really affordable for an imported cd ;-)

payment is via paypal. we are trying to tie up with a local e-commerce gateway.

all this will be announced in 2v1g's blog in another two weeks' time!

just stay tuned to this blog.

thanks for your support!

Terence said...

hey les, thanks for the reply... good luck to your venture mate... cheers!