we spent 2 hours working on the sequence of the songs in the album

why must all the good things happen all at once? i am certainly not complaining.

tonight i met up with my reviewer, let's call him "t" for now. he is the first person who volunteers to write for me, after a futile search for more than one year. not only is "t" a nice person, he is experienced enough to review high-end gear for me! what a pleasant surprise! i was half expecting an aspiring newbie...

i hope "t" would also add some spice to this blog and make it less lonely for me.

i have finally listened to the final mix of 2v1g. what can i say - it moved me to tears. the recording is first-class. imagine a malaysian recording engineer achieving this feat, quick remarkable.

those of my friends who have sampled some tracks off the album, they have all increased their orders to multiple copies cos they want to give the CDs to their friends. i was moved to bits.

so the CD will leave for hong kong today for mastering by keith yip. we have also decided to press in HK since the pressing factories in malaysia are mainly owned and operated by pirates. so the CDs will come into malaysia with an "imported" sticker.

also a bonus news, very likely keith yip will distribute the cd for us in hk and taiwan. so essentially 2v1g will be going international. very cool.

i am doing all the marketing and promotion for the cd from now until its launch on 18th may 2008. we predict the internet sales will beat the retail sales. i will be meeting the press and many more media people in the next 2 months. i love this sort of thing ;-)


GCK said...

Hi Leslie, make it 2 copies for me. Preferably autograph by the artists.

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

you are so sweet. sure, will ask my two lovely girls to autograph JUST for you ;-)

keong said...

cool. Nice to hear you using HK pressing instead of Malaysia pressing. I will more confident to support your CD. If CD got DSD support, this will be another bonus.

Steve said...

really can't wait. i bought some of the CDs u suggested, and I like them. so, can't wait for this CD to be out.

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

hi keong,
tell you a horror story. mia palencia just released her debut album. she gave the pressing job to someone in cheras (who supposedly owns a duplication factory), only to find out that this chap subs the whole thing to a pirate factory.

that's why i stay away from malaysian duplication factories.

hi steve,
if you love mandarin pop, you will love 2v1g ;-)

Michael Ng said...


I can see the support from your readers and friends have brought you immense joy, evident in your facial expression during the past few days. We should all give you a huge pat on the back for taking up the courage and expense to come up with such a brilliant project.

I can't wait to see the great comments on the 2v1g blog once the cd is out.

I'm sure the guys would love to see you and your lovely girls at the upcoming AV show. :P