as usual one of the benefits of reading this blog is, you will get to read first-hand info on the hottest albums releases, especially chinese audiophile albums from taiwan and hk.

** need to blow my little trumpet a bit ** ;-)

we are eagerly awaiting the arrival of dennis nieh's (聂云) first audiophile jazz album entitled "can't help falling in love" (浪漫情歌集 - 情不自禁). i am a sucker for chinese audiophile jazz cover album so please pardon my self-induced excitement.

dennis, a tv host-cum-radio deejay has made announcement about this audiophile project years ago and i had been waiting since then.

in this album, dennis partners with pianist uno and her orchestra. dennis's choice of songs includes some definite classics (the likes of teresa teng's "the moon represents my heart") and some surprises.

taiwan's hifi mag "audio art" praises this album for its recording of the bass notes.

we'll see if this gets a stamp of approval from the host of desirable audio boutique.

you can sample two tracks here

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