you would have thought that today's kids and even adults have to many things that clamor for their attention and would be the least interested in reading a long-winded tale about magic, sorcerers and witches.... but jk rowling's "harry potter" proves that if you have a good product, people will still wait patiently for it and pay good money for it. just look at the hype and phenomenon it has created worldwide with its latest edition! and we are talking about people of all ages! people who woke up at 4am and waited outside the bookstores.

today's hifi industry definitely needs a jk rowling phenomenon to resuscitate and revitalize it from its slumber. we need good and excellent-valued products like the NAD 3020, musical fidelity A1, pioneer A400, celestion 3 of yore. we need friendly and helpful dealers who don't look down on you and judge you on your wallet's size. we need more youngsters to embrace this hobby.

jk rowling is a miracle in the publishing and movie industry. hifi manufacturers need similar geniuses to create a breakthru in the industry.

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