new kid in the block - CTT Audio, puchong

we always encourage young adults (25-35 year-old) to go into hifi. As the hifi population is aging rapidly, we need new blood to help the hifi economy and contribute new ideas.

it is heartening to know that three mid-30s chaps got together and started a 2nd hand hifi enterprise just two months ago. The shop is called CTT audio and it is located in puchong. chia say wei, the 36-year-old partner, told me that their main business is in smart home solutions (eg. security alarm, security door, digital lock, CCTV). since they have some spare space in the office, they thought of utilizing the space fo their hobby.

currently, they got their 2nd hand stock mainly from friends. The CTT guys are are UK hifi supporters hence you can find many famous UK brands in the shop. Brands like Cambridge audio, KEF, monitor audio, marantz, REL subwoofer, epox, NAD are perennial favourties.

soon, CTT audio would also carry new items too, mainly AV stuff.

to help CTT audio, we have linked its website with this blog. You can find their website on the right side of this blog (sponsored links).

please give them a chance. the future of malaysian hifi rests on these people!

call chia say wei of CTT Audio (012-2165678, 03-58820388)


Terence said...

Les, you didn't pass them my no. did you?

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

no lah, why should i? i think they spammed everyone who advertises in audiomart, simple as that :-)

Terence said...