yes, we have gone black and white, in newsprint no less! and it is free-of-charge once again!

this marks the birth of the first "independent voice" in the hifi industry in malaysia. it is all the more noble because we have become a non-profiteering publication.

2,000 copies will be circulated free at the KLIAV starting friday.

some of the contents:
- convergent entertainment devices (with focus on ps3)
- why midbass is important in car audio
- 2nd hand hifi in malaysia
- personalities in hifi show - a humourous look
- excitement in kampar, perak
- CJ audio on hifi accessories
- short review on stage III magnus interconnect
- choosing the ultimate speakers

many thanks to the following advertisers, for making this issue possible:
- enzer (monsoon)
- audio note
- CJ audio
- C & O audiophile enterprise
- av synergy
- centre circle audio
- home audio design
- dong fong enterprise

make sure you pick up a copy at the show!

keep the passion going!

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