good news! audio art has accepted my offer to help them to manage a 2nd hand hifi blog. check the sponsored link on the righ side of this blog and you will see link to audio art's blog. just in case, the URL is

we will start populating the blog in a few days' time. so it is not officially ready yet. i will make another announcement later. make sure you broadcast it to all your kakis. i believe in the power of internet viral marketing and word-of-mouth :-)

dong fong still hasn't come back to me but it is quite likely they will join too.

i don't think you have to worry that they are based in ipoh. make a trip there and enjoy the scenery, food and hospitality of ipoh folks. i am sure the respective bosses will be too happy to bring you to the famous lou wong's ngah choi kai (bean sprout chicken)!

paint does matter (part 2)
yes, it is confirmed - sonically, ICI pentalite is better than pearl-glo. the pentalite lends a certain airiness and liveliness to the sound; the gain is perceptibly higher too. music seems to breathe more freely. i tend to think that the pearl-glo paint contains rubber-like content hence absorbs quite a bit of sound. anyway, i am into my 4th day and the sound keeps improving. there is still a bit a hardness left in the mids but i am sure it will go away in days to come.


Anonymous said...

be careful though, pentalite paint has a different emulsion compared to pearl-glo paint. Astetics wise, normally people go for pearl-glo. however, i can understand where you're coming from :-), a serious audiophile.

over time, pentalite paint will leave a chalky residue (powder form) and start to peel off... anyway, you can always repaint i guess... nothing beats sonic quality over astetics eh...

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

even pearl-glo can lose its shine after some years, like in my case (after 13 years!).

after having the pentalite, i find pearl-glo is too "opulent" for my house la :-)

Prithipal said...

Will they ship all over Malaysia ?

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

ya. they have to. i have told them to do so. in fact, they should also target customers overseas, especially for passive components like speakers.