a couple of my friends, who are puzzled with my persistent problems with electricity, consulted some senior electrical engineer friends of theirs who are well-versed in this field. two of them came back with the same answer - a possibility of TNB's power factor. i don't have an EE degree but basically it means that the voltage and current have different leads and lags. apparently, it is something that no power conditioning or regenerating devices can rescue.

the perfect power factor is 1, which supposedly means that the voltage and current coming in is in sync.

to alleviate the power factor problems, one could build capacitor bank in parallel the the mains. i don't really know how this can be done. i need to do some research, including writing to dick mccarthy of richard gray power company.

one my friend, bernard, reports that by inserting high-values capacitors into his chang lightspeed power gang, it helps to reduce this bad electricity phenomenon.

i shall report more on this in the next few weeks.


Prithipal said...

This is the last part of my system that I have nothing about - mains conditioning. Its because there is to much snake oil in the market.

This is what we need...fit for purpose advice. Keep the blog going!

Anonymous said...

"no power conditioning or regenerating devices can rescue."
Well until you try APS Pure Power or the PS Audio PPP you really have no basis for a statement like this.
As far as caps in the power chain are concerned they won't correct anything except to remove very very high frequency grunge. I also doubt you will hear very much of a difference if you already have an RGPC in the chain.