pete leong, a regular 2nd hand hunter himself, suggested that i should help some big 2nd hand hifi dealers to build a website and list their equipment online, after all the star's audiomart is getting stale and unimaginative.

i thought about it, why not? in fact, i am writing an article about 2nd hand hifi in my forthcoming issue of av xpress. i am going to offer my services to both ah chee (audio art) and ah lin (dong fong), both based in ipoh, to build a blog for them to list their equipment. for the uninitiated, audio art and dong fong enterprise are arguably the two biggest 2nd hand hifi dealers in malaysia.

i have called the two gentlemen and am waiting for their consent. as usual, i am doing this for the love of hifi and i won't charge them a single sen. it may sound unbelievable but it is true.

if that happens, then you all are gonna benefit. you, you and you.


Anonymous said...

Way to go man!

I truly look forward to a local listing of pre-owned hi-fi for sale.

I am one of those 2nd hand suporter for what ever reason that you can think of, will benifit highly from such listing. At the moment Echoloft's my only hang out!

Music Matters used to be good but it's not updated frequently enough. Audiofile is only slightly better!

You have my support for sure.

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...


audiomart...hmm. many low-ballers...

echoloft....excellent...but a bit far and you have to worry about tax...

music matters...without maggielurva, nothing matters la :-)

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