Some readers asked what happened to their beloved audio blog as they have not been able to get thru days ago from China.

So I checked and re-sent them the URL again, fearing that they might have gotten the URL wrong. Still, no luck!

Since I have no recollection of bashing MIC products, I have no idea why has our beloved audio blog been blocked.

I know I have been preaching a lot of hi-end products from the West and not been writing a lot, hmmm, or never, on MIC products. But that does not earn us a place in their block list lor.

Is the Chinese government scared of the people buying Western products, become pro-west or they want more people to buy MIC product? Maybe some MIC dealers could expose me on their products.

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maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

as far as i know, the whole blogger's blogspot is blocked in china, nothing to do with audio contents....

maybe our blog contains the word 欲望? haha