Nope, they were only on display. But I have heard them.

The top of the line Audio Research Reference series.

CD7 and Ref 3, this's like R3 X 2 as the output stage in CD7 is exactly like the one in R3!

Ref 210, huge power!

I still love ARC very much. But the asking price is just too much to bear! But one day, I will be back!


Kong said...

Ha! I heard it being played while there on Saturday and Sunday with the Watt Puppy. Didn't bother to ask the price because I am not going to buy it anyway. What for? Maggie mee for the next 10 years?

The AR green meters look so much like cheap 60's Japanese electronic. What where AR thinking about?

Anonymous said...

I love the ARC CD7 and Reference 3 Pre-amp. If only someday, I could have them, but then, to have them in my system would mean I'll have to upgrade everything else!