Not sure u know about this forum

http://forum.lowyat.net/Audiophiles, although most of them are youngster and do not have the buying power, but they are the more active group in information sharing. Lot of headfiers and DIYER TOO.

The problems of why peoples not visiting local hifi shops, mainly becoz of finance capability and the internet savvy know the pricing elsewhere and after compare with local price, they tend to be disappointed.

You see in this forum peoples rush to SG to buy akg headphones, sennheiser, headphone amps perhaps one day lavry DAC or Benchmark DAC.(http://jaben.wordpress.com/) Well potentially one day full speakers setup. This sg company even sponsor us forum and accepting orders from US. The market is there and wait to be cultivated.

Local dealers need to change the mindset and make frens with new generation to survive.

Even those audiophile cd local shop not doing homework thru internet and depend on supplier to tell who is releasing new albums and their cd usually with high price tag.

Lot of peoples rather shop in yes asia.I one time even being "chun" by one of the hifi shop in city square. I just ask how to differentiate us pressed and local pressed. The woman insulted me that this is trade secret. I think very funny, not that she produce the cd. After this i never visit her shop to buy any cd.

If they hope putting adv in your mag one month and want to see result and i guess is fairy tales. People do not lack info but rather lack money and friendly mentors who cares the pockets of the consumers.I envy hifi climax in taipei, there i can try diff setup and have wide selection of system to suit any budget and they have wide selection of cds and mags. I myself bought 2 issues of their classical music mag
call MUZIK.

Dealers and consumers have diff dream in msia. We all dissapointed with each other.

My 2 cents.


Anonymous said...

yes, I agree with this reader. I have asked one of local dealer about one pair interconnect with usd 350, But price tag in malaysia is Rm3000!! Too much different!!

Anonymous said...

it has everything to do with economy and buying power the least. although i would think the secondary issue would also be associated with the typical asian buying culture. most consumers here think cheapest is the best, don't forget it's the service and friendly advice of the dealer that keeps you coming back for more...

Anonymous said...

Most dealers are not even friendly to younger audiophiles in the first place. I had the same treatment when first re-start hifi 4 years ago. After 4 years of seeing me at their shops from time to time, most still refuse to give me a demo. I have to drag a friend whom is a senior audiophile to get some form of demo.

Dealers in SG is more than happy to demo. Even if I made clear that I'd just like to have a listen. Price is a bonus, that is if the customs don't get you.

for young audiophiles on a budget, I guess you can't win!

Gio said...

I was so turned off by HiFi shops that I explored DIY Audio and have never looked back.