zhang's sophomore album

zhang's debut album

despite being nominated in 4 categories (including best newcomer) in this year's taiwan golden melody awards, folk-pop singer-songwriter deserts zhang xuan (張懸) didn't win any awards. but it doesn't stop me from rating her debut album as one of the best recorded chinese pop albums of 2007.

read my previous review at http://desirableaudio.blogspot.com/search?q=zhang.

that recording has been a permanent feature in my demo. recorded in a live setting, it is full of raw energy and zing, with pristine guitar playing and airy ambience. friends of mine love it when i play it on my maggie.

zhang's sophomore album has just been released on 20th july and as usual, it will take months before it reaches our shore. if you can't wait, order online.

i certainly can't, after having tasted the excellent debut album.

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