regine in the studio

i have written enough about my singer for the 2V1G album, winnie ho. it is about about time i introduce you another sweet voice, regine. two of them make up the "2V" (two voices) in the album.

regine is a recording artiste who has one solo album under her belt. she is currently signed to music toxin, the production house that belongs to my producer, jin liang.

regine is a well-rounded artiste. apart from her singing and acting engagement, regine is also a talented songwriter. her compositions are mostly catchy pop tunes. one of her many compositions was recently picked up by gigi leung, the hong kong singer.

regine's voice is sweet (not in the cutesy way but sophisticated way) and soothing, and it provides a good contrast to winnie's raspy and powerful voice. she is very excited about the opportunity to work with roger wang. i am excited to see them in the studio too. there is bound to be plenty of sparks among winnie, regine and roger wang.

the progress of the 2V1G has been slow but rest assured, it will be out before x'mas this year :-)


Lil' KC 小雞雞 said...


maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

you bet! just look at those killer dimples.... what has singing got to do with dimple ah? :-)

Anonymous said...

Waiting for my xmas gift :).

Surachade said...


I'm Steve from Thailand, just saw your Blog today.

Quite interested in this Chinese Audiophile product. Have you done it yet?

Maybe I can do some marketing in Thailand.


maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

hi steve,

yeah, it is progressing... and we expect it to be released by x'mas.

we are keen to have some representation in thailand but bear in mind this is classic mandarin pop songs with jazz guitar...

you can email me at and we can talk more.