"those people who buy mercedes are stupid!i am not stupid!", rebutted one audiophile in athens when asked if he feels stupid to have spent 70,000 euros on his system.

"i stoppped being normal when i reached the age of 35 - i became an audiophile", confessed another, who is in the audiophile club of athens.

"i am normal! those who don't play hifi are abnormal!", yet another rebuttal from another audiophile who spent 200,000 euros on his system.

ladies and gentlemen, watch this beautiful video directed by ken barnes, featuring a group of super high-end audiophiles based in athens, greece and be amazed by their perfectionist attitude and dedication to the art of hifi.

will such utopia ever happen in malaysia?

note: if your internet is slow, it may take ages to download. so leave you computer on, and come back after 30-45 minutes. trust me, you will enjoy the video.


Anonymous said...

I think the utopia already exist in Malaysia. Both your good selves are already on a roll. All you need is a few more members!


maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

i actually meant having a national hifi club like in greece where genuine enthusiasts congregate, share and exchange ideas harmoniously and cordially, with little politics or ego-fighting....

it is only but a dream :-)