This marks my second chapter in audio journey, not only in terms of scale and potential, but my foray into serious floorstanders and solid state amplification.

Well, I still have my MB Quart floorstanders and Arcam Delta 290, if you consider those serious also, then OK lor. But the Bladelius Thor and ATC SCM20T are something that's rivaling my tube setup, of course, the potential would definitely surpass the tube's.

Finally, after months of seeking high and low, and changing minds a couple of times along the way, at times, almost giving up, I am now a proud owner of ATC SCM20 Tower!

When the owner demoed the speakers to me, it was so familiar! There’s something that I could not sense from the new SL series and entry series. I could sense the musical rawness in Kingsley’s SCM20 and in Yong’s SCM100, but none in the new SCM11, SCM12, SCM19, SCM40 and SCM20SLT.

If my perseverance in pursuing girls is as persistent as how I pursued the ATC SCM20 Tower, I would have long quited audio. Hahaha…

Guys, expect more in this page again!

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