You are happy when you are good, you are even happier when confirmed that you are darn good!

The moment I stepped into this room, I was hooked! I sense SILVER! The shimmering highs, glittering with air, extensions and elegance, a quality that's hard to come by with copper. That's a quality I hold pride in years of owning my R8.

Metal dome might give you that excitement and raw metal feel, that smoothness could never touch that of the silk dome! Many criticized the lightness in soft dome's presentation, I bet you have not even invested in serious cables! Put a well balanced silver cables and soft dome tweeters, and you'll be in for a shock!

That was what has been confirmed after being told that the cables were indeed silver plated Westlake cables! I really have to show respect to those brands with strong studio heritage, after hearing the ATC, Spendor and Westlake speakers, there's certain right-ness in their presentation that many brands could not provide.

Oh, back to the room, the speakers used were Opera. I have had numerous encounters with this brand, always partnered with Unison Research. However, this was the first time they were partnered with McIntosh! Many times listening to the McIntosh previously, I was less than impressed with their American brute force.

This time, I was really shocked! The combo made me a convert! You really got to be awed by their micro dynamism and refined qualities, otherwise, find someone well learned to acquire the knowledge. When playing Cai Qin, the hold of breath, the varying pressure asserted to the vocal chord, the light pause, the frail trailing and the emotion on the brink of breaking down were so vividly preserved! Damn, I would kill for these!

You can't go wrong in this room and I am a convert to McIntosh!

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