having sat thru for 3 consecutive days manning the av xpress booth at the main entrance of the KLIAV show, i discovered a few things:


[1] serious audiophiles came on friday, the 1st day, and they number in the range of 800, which is actually the entire population of audiophiles in kl, if not this nation

[2] casual enthusiasts came on saturday and sunday. they are not really serious but they just wanted to know what's the fuss about

[3]i printed 5,000 copies of av xpress and i felt stupid and naive, because that was an excess of 2,000 copies left. and the 3,000 copies given out includes casual visitors who collected it because it is free and not because they love to read. serious readers would account for at most 500 people. so how could a hifi publication survive in malaysia?

[4] most rooms have serious boom problems and it makes serious listening very uncomfortable. i didn't get to visit every room but my most pleasant experience came from ong radio showroom with the mcintosh 275 pushing the opera speakers - silky highs and emotive delivery, very musical combi.

[5] most aesthetically pleasing showroom goes to audionote. simplicity at its best. nothing in excess. that is how every showroom should aim for.

[6] the least popular booth goes to my neighbouring booth - the STUFF gadget magazine booth. because the magazines are not free, most malaysians don't take a second glance except for a couple of hardcore readers.

[7] the most popular booths go to the cd stalls at level 4, organized by shanghai bookstore, around the world music and interglobal music. throngs of people patronize these stalls, myself included and i have got some real bargains.

[8] cutest gal in the show goes to yao yao in audionote showroom. she with the megawatt smile and friendly demeanour. mr. wong tatt yew, you chose the perfect gal to attract the visitors to come to your room!

[9] doing "charity" has never been that fun and satisfying! my decision to make av xpress a non-profiteering publication is a wise decision. i have gained respect and i can hold my head high. many of you are appreciative of my efforts. let's hope that this journey is a fulfilling one in the long run!

now, the myths...and there is one only myth...

[1] if the total attendance of the show is in any way indicative of the hifi population in malaysia, whoever that claims/boasts that a hifi magazine can have a circulation of 22,000 copies must be the greatest BS-ter in world! let me tell you, the correct figure is 500. yes, 5 pathetic hundred.


Kong said...

Saw you on Saturday but not on Sunday when I re-visited the shows. Couldn't resist the happening inside the shows so gone AWOL?

Was thinking of paying you in advance the price of your 1st CD so that you will not chicken out of that CD project of yours.

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...


no la, the show didn't excite me at all. i left at 3:30pm on sunday!

thanks for your support for the cd. i have told regine about it and she would like to thank you in advance :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi! I am one of those who came early on Friday. It was nice to finally meet you in person. Just so you don't feel your effort wasted, I read your 3rd edition of AV Express from page to page on Saturday. You're probably right about the current true audiophile/music lover market figures though.

You can probably say the same about the declining local car mags scene too, but at a wider scale audience ship.

Never the less, do keep it up.

I am waiting for your CD project to become reality too.

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...


nothing beats encouraging words from your supporters! it makes all your hardwork worthwhile :-)

thanks a bunch!

Kong said...

Don't thank me so fast.....if I had been able to give you the payment in advance and receipt, I will sue your pant off should you not deliver that CD. I will be that shark in your project’s life.