Got this a few years ago while travelling to Hong Kong for work. It's a 2CD compilation set that contains the best known canto pop tunes, dating from the late 70's till the late 80's. To me, those were canto pop's golden years! During that time, most music was tied to a TVB serial drama release, as TVB (HK TV station) was working along side record companies to promote music. Some of the most memorable TVB music from this 2 CD set includes, The Shell Game, Shanghai Bund and Police Cadet amongst others.

Being mostly TVB drama serial tied songs, they also have the touch of Joseph Koo(Koo Kar Fai), TVB music director of the period. Joseph has the midas touch to fuse Chinese and Western classical instruments with modern musical instruments to create infectious canto pop melodies! In fact so many songs here bear that signature sound, you can more or less call this a Joseph Koo "Greatest Hits!"

Sound quality is variable, as usual for what is a compilation album. It ranges from song to song. It can be very good to reasonably poor, despite being DSD remastered depending on quality of the master tape.

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canto fanatics said...

It is Joseph Koo not Louis.

Joseph, James Wong and Sam Hui together with few prominent lyricists (Cheng Kok Kong) are key people that brought the golden era of Canton pop.

Its a very pathethic situation for the current cantopop scene (after late 80s) in HK.

Panzer said...

canto fanatics,

Thanks for pointing out my errors. Article amended to fact.

You're right about the canto pop scene today, it's a shame!