cd8 + new ref3 - the first unit in asia is found in HK

please note the red resistors on the new ref 3

according to one reliable source, cosmetically the new ref3 is the same as the old one; the only difference being the red-coloured high-grade resistors used.

according to this person, "the modified version has great improvement on the background "noise". It's much quieter, with better separation and layering and increased musicality. the proportion of individual instrument are much more accurate. the differences can be very shocking in a large listening room."

have you put your deposit on one? i am doing my mathematics now.....

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Panzer said...


Now there's more incentive for you to upgrade!

The red resistors are what the DIYers in Hong Kong called "Tai Hong Phau" or big red canon, a common(firecracker) sight during Chinese New Year celebrations.

These resistors are noted for their transparency and neutrality. Quite expensive too!