Paradise Remixed LP

If I can be allowed to be greedy and take one more last desert island disc, this would be it!

Inner City duo is Kevin Saunderson and Paris Grey. Their R&B flavoured dance music was the rave in the UK during the late eighties, when yours truly, was still considered a hip young fellow. I find their music to be very classy indeed.

Paradise CD

This is a remixed version of the originally released Paradise album. The remix version takes the biggest hits from Paradise, namely, Big Fun, Good Life, Ain't Nothing Better, Do You Love What You Feel? and Whatcha Gonna Do With My Lovin', remixed with harder hitting bass and more synthesizer effects and song lenghtened to allow dancing joy, as 3 minutes plus is too short a time to sweat it out! The bonus track, House Fever is just that, a filler.

The sound of this dance LP is excellent, with tight and pacey bass, very open mids, and extended highs. Unlike other dance mix, the beat doesn't drown out Paris Grey's beautifully sultry vocals at all.

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