I am quite a movie buff, and somehow, most of my favorite movies incidentally features John Williams on providing the soundtracks. Coincident? perhaps.

Featured here is a 2CD that chronicles John Williams 20th century movies work. From Star Wars, Jaws, Superman, E.T., Indiana Jones, Jurasic Park, Shindler's List and even Home Alone!. There are a few other surprising movies that you did not think was John Williams work.

Most of the tracks featured here are classically influenced, John Williams skillful and commercially viable presentation adds to the movie theme's familiarity enhances the overall enjoyment. Certainly a very positive introduction, in to the world of classical music in it self. This is the CD that got me started venturing in to the world of classical music.

And if your hifi system is capable at the resolving the atmospheric conditions of the recording hall or studio, big sound staging and have warm, inviting tonal colour pallete plus ample transient reserves, you'll love this 2CD set.

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Anonymous said...

John Williams the composer and John Williams the guitarist are 2 different persons. You can do a wiki on it.

GCK said...

Yep, agree with anonymous. I have John Williams classical guitar solo 2CD. Very good recording. However John Williams the composer I have yet to get. 2 completely different persons.

Panzer said...

Anonymous & GCK,

Thanks for pointing out my mistake. My appologies to John Williams the guitarist!

I've just seen a few of JW the guitarist clips on youtube. This guy is truly gifted!

Thanks for the introduction to another mighty fine musician. I would sure be getting some of his music.

Panzer said...

I've also corrected my posting.

built62 said...

all performer guitarist are gifted.
for a change (lighter side guitar entertainment), try tommy emmanuel. you can catch him on youtube too.