Furutech FI-32(G), waiting, waiting, wait.........

It's the first day of Chinese New Year in to the year of the Ox. I have contemplated long enough and decided to go Furutech all the way! From power conditioner to sources and pre amps and power amps! However, most stocks from the existing batch imported earlier have been mostly exhausted by now, I managed to wrestle two last pieces of FI-11(G) for my source and pre amp to complement the earlier FI-11(CU) at the power amps. The FI-32(G) will have to wait till new batch arrives sometime in February. Needless to say, I am very happy with both versions of the FI-11 so far. Will report fully once the final piece comes in to play.

Top: Isotek Titan, Lower: Titan rear view.

Whilst at it, I have the flagship Isotek Titan power conditioner on review. Let's see if it will rise to challenge the so far undisputed leader, Torus Power, for the state of the art status.

Cardas Golden Reference speaker cable.

Also in the works is a pair of Cardas Golden Reference speaker cables on review. It's one of the longest standing member of the Reference moniker, does it still stand tall? Or has the cable market moved on?

Furutech & Isotek sold by Centre Circle Audio, Tel: 03-77282686

Other Furutech Dealers:
Audio Matic (Eugene - 012-3222698)
Dong Fong (Ken Sin - 012-4678788)

Cardas sold by Hi-Way Laser, Tel: 019-2813399

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Anonymous said...

GXFC !!!

after these furutech & cardas stop...
what is the nest stop ?
when is the nest stop ?

will it ever stop ?

hafiz said...

gong xi fa chai

Panzer said...

Anonymous 10.56am,

It will never stop of course! Otherwise, they'd be nothing to write about.

BTW, Thank you and Hafiz for the greetings.

Ooi said...

Your review of PLC made it to the auidiogon discussion of PLCs.I guess you are one of the big boys of audio review ,huh? If Maggielurva is Malaysia's answer to RH maybe you can be our John atkinson

Panzer said...


I didn't know that about the PLC review. Please don't compare me with John Atkinson, I don't think I am worthy of such. I can't really be anyone else but my own self.