(Apologies to Panzer for plagiarizing his title) :-)

I am too busy with work this week and next to blog any thing substantial. So I just post a couple of 'teasers' here. :-)

I did not have good experience with spikes, either of metal or exotic wood, under my equipment (granted, those I tested were not the expensive types). But with my recent exposure to Finite Elemente's 'ceramic ball interface', I am a convert. Well, Finite Elemente's ceramic ball interfaces are not spikes as such, but more of equipment support footers actually.

They also produce Resonator - this one very much rooted in science and mathematics, go check out their approach on their website.

The picture below shows, from left, Resonator, Cerapuc (set of 4) and Ceraball (set of 3, dealer's demo set) that I am testing out now.

The Cerapucs are already mine (hehe). The local dealer, Audio Image, has run out of Ceraballs so I have to wait for the next shipment. As for the Resonator, I am still checking out its efficacy since I have it only for 2 days.

One of my new year's hifi resolutions is to do something about my system's racking. I splurged and ordered a Finite Elemente Pagode Signature rack (can't stretch to the extremely tempting Pagode Master Reference :-) ). It is also out of stock, sigh, I need to wait 2 months for it to come in.

You have seen the Meridian boxes that maggielurva posted. One of them belongs to me. :-)

Just post some pictures here in addition to maggielurva's. Mine is not yet out of its box. I don't want to change too many things in the system in one go, afraid I won't be able to isolate their effects. I will take it out just for a spin tonight to make sure everything is in order.

The sweet moment of unboxing

The very comprehensive accessories pack

Letting you in on a secret - while maggielurva sounded calm on his earlier blog entry, in private he is in rupture with the Meridian's sound. :-)

Sigh, it is only one week into January, and I have busted my hifi budget for the entire year. I really need to hold the brakes now.

I'll write more about my experience with these items end of next week when I'm freer. Till then.....

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Panzer said...

Congrates man!

Don't worry about the budget, it's meant to be broken! Ha!Ha!

shutz said...

very very good investment on the rack and the cera range..

i have try many just like you ,but the finite elemente are something out of the world..your electronics deserve them..

the resonators are a bit tricky to use;be patient to try different placement and you will be well rewarded...

GCK said...

Congrats hifikaki on your new toy.

The hifi rack is a good investment. I was thinking this would be my next upgrade also. Just waiting for the correct timing.

Looking forward to hear your system singing.

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

i am excited to no end that both panzer and you are investing on better things to improve your hifi. you two have certainly added a new dimension to this blog with your various exploits.

whoever says that hifi biz suffers during this time must be living in another planet.

on behalf of the dealers, thanks for contributing to the hifi economy ;-)

Sam Elliot said...

I second Shultz statement with regards with Finite elemente racks.I also think you should try the Cerabases to replace the stock feet of the beutiful speakers you have;

Meridian CDP ,Pass labs pre-monoblocks,Eggleston speakers all sitting majestically on the Finite 's pagode ,supported by the Ceras,powered by Shunyata's V-ray....WOW that IS a true reference in anybody's book anywhere in the world!!!!!

S.Hauser said...

Hifi kaki,

1.Let me congratulate you on some very good upgrades.They are certainly very,very well known.

2.I think your wife and family are just wonderful.They certrainly are not cheap,but bravo for your wife and family for supporting you in your Hi-fi journey.

3.There is one common things about good systems over in Europe,as varied as they are with regards to sources{vinyl/digital] tubes/ss/hybrid amp ,planer/boxed/horn sp ....they all ALWAYs sit on the Finite Elemente stands,almost without fail.

Once you have more time away from work[How you could leave a system like that, and a wifeand family as wonderful as that at home to work,I do not know]do let us know about thechanges that came about..

cheah said...

'Don't worry about the budget, it's meant to be broken! Ha!Ha!'

Yup..well said Panzer

ash said...

I like the way you 'Build' your system.As they say have a roadmap handy with you or you might get lost.

This way you may seems to splurge initially , but in the long run ,you just tend to"upgrade" less,and more focus on system building..

roque said...

HIfi kaki,

I have been a user of Finite elemente products and I can tell you you have invested in something that would last for a long time.

Rather than getting the resonators, i think you should get the cerabases for your speakers.JMHO

hifikaki said...


Thanks for your compliment and feedback. :-)

After more extensive listening, I am very convinced that the ceraballs/cerapucs are indeed excellent. I'll report more on them later.

Sam Elliot, roque,
I'll love to try your suggestion when the local dealer has his shipment in. The stock spikes under the egglestons are of larger diameter so I can't screw the ceraball/puc in. I'll have to let the speakers rest on the ceraballs/puc, I think.

Anyone has suggestion on the best way to use ceraball/puc/base with eggleston?