the chinese believe that once we usher in the new year, your bad luck will go away and good luck will follow you for the rest of the year.

it is not the case with me. tonight, another horrible thing happened. my meridian g08.2 sucked my hugo's LPCD disc and the bl**dy disc can't be read and ejected! it is stuck in the slot drive.

as some of you may know, LPCD is actually made from CD-R, which is slightly thinner than normal redbook cd, maybe that's why the meridian can't seem to read it properly. i actually think the slot drive is a major design flaw. but i can't deny that the g08.2 is a major improvement from g08. i will give a short review once it is properly broken in.

i have put an "urgent" sticker on my task of building my hifi altar. i want to offer prayers on a daily basis to my hifi god.


Anonymous said...

Have the same problems with some LPCDs, but I could exchange those that I cannot read with the shop I bought from until I got one that could be read from my philp-based transport. If you have a problem with the LPCD, it's probably an earlier batch that may have some issue, but I had the luxury of exchanging those I could not play with another set that could play. So I am lucky ;). PS the shops are in Singapore.

jeff said...

damn!...that sounds terrible!...especially that disc stuck in the blueray player...just when you want to relax and watch something.