those who are in the know would readily tell you that maggie is the "best-bang-for-the-buck" speaker on earth but they would also tell you the shortfall of maggie being too big for most dwellers and homes.

the magnepan team created the biggest shock at CES last week when they presented a pair of normal-sized maggie (i think it was MG1.6QR) driven by bryston electronics and giving out some seriously high-end sound. the shock came when they drew back the curtain to reveal a pair of tiny panels! (that mark winey was holding in the photo) despite the fact that the mini maggie were being augmented below 300Hz by a magnepan subwoofer module, the sound is unbelievably big and spacious. provisionally dubbed the "mini maggie," the speaker combines a ribbon tweeter with a small magneplanar mylar panel.

maggie has always been dubbed as "space-greedy" but the mini maggie are going to change that once and for all!

i am waiting in bated breath for its arrival. it is gonna be real cool HT/desktop speakers!

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Panzer said...


Looking forward to hear the Mini Maggies too!