The FurutechFI-11 IEC plugs

I was reading regarding some fake Oyaide IEC plugs, which are China made and have the exact packaging description fitting with those that I am currently using! See picture of the fakes.

The Oyaide fakes.

Just got 2 pcs of the above tittled Furutech FI-11 IEC cable plugs to replace the fakes. Will intend to hook them up to my JPS In Wall power cord with X-2 cap installed, supplying power to my power amps.

Will be reporting on the sonic outcome shortly. Stay tuned.

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audioexplorer said...

It would be interesting to critically listen to both the authentic and the fake Oyaide ends and write up a sonic comparison of the two

TK pang said...

I fully agree with audioexplorer.
This way we would know whether the 'real' Oyaide are just overpriced hype.

Jules said...

The Price of Oyaide plugs in the US is so inflated, that it becomes like a joke in Japan..

The high steet price in Japan is abt halg the dealer price in US.Somebody is making a fat profit somewhere..

zine said...

I prefer THe HK made Sine receptacles to the oyaide ones....Furutech ones are not bad either,but the Oyaide has too much of its own sound.

KC Lim said...

Do receptacles really make a[major] difference?

Lewis said...

"my JPS In Wall power cord with X-2 cap installed,"

Can you explain this?

TS Lam said...


Love the dimensiops you add to this blogs..

Q. for you;why not start with Furutech from the begining?

zinni said...

i actually was very happy when the japanese made plugs;i was just getting bored with the mediocre merinco and wattgate plugs-rather overpriced for what they do

Panzer said...

audioexplorer, TK Pang,

Yeah! I agree it's best to be as objective as possible. However, sometimes, infact most times, time, effort, convienienceof life plugs very importantly,$$$ just doesn't allow that.


When a product is very sucessfull, sometimes, business get greedy. And the funny thing is greed begets more greed. If a product is high priced with much demand, only 2 things can happen.
1) More competitors sprout up to cash in.
2) Imitators or clones comes in to the market.

It's not unique to audio products, look at Guess, LV or Prada, ring a bell?

KC Lim,

Yes, plugs, like cables do make a diference! But only if the system being played is transparent enough to re-produce it. Major or minor? That depends on the stage of your hifi journey.

Panzer said...


Go see my 15th November 2008 posting tittles X-2 Capacitor Tweak. You'll understand once you're done.

TS Lam,

Thank you for your kind words. I try to add another dimension to the scene.

In fact. I am indeed thinking if I should go Furutech all the way!


Agree with you, the Japs make better quality plugs, construction wise!

Lewis said...

Thanks for the info ;

will try the project .

Thank you so much again for your unselfish act in sharing.......

Chan-As said...

"Yes, plugs, like cables do make a diference! But only if the system being played is transparent enough to re-produce it. Major or minor? That depends on the stage of your hifi journey.

10:36 PM"

Good Answer,and full of Hi-fi wisdom

Liow said...

what's Felix Pc as discussed in your previous post.

Appreciate your explanations.You are whetting my appetite to try some DIY project...

mk li said...


does the capasitor goes to both ma
le and female end of the cable/

thanks in advance

Panzer said...


No worries, I am only too happy to share. Hifi, like any other hooby is no fun playing alone!


Ha!,Ha!, Spoken like some one whose been there and done that!, along the hifi journey.


The Felix pc is a project done by a group of DIYers in, you can search for "Felix" once you're in the site. The X-2 cap tweak I posted earlier is very simplified vesrion of the Felix, or some would say a small part of the Felix. I have actually done the Felix before earlier in my DIYer days, and found it to excellent for low to mid end CD/DVD players.
For amps, I just prefer the X-2 Cap tweak on it's own.

mk li,

The x-2 Cap can be on either side of the cable, but I would recomend it to be as close to equipment as possible for best effect. That means IEC side. If you take it to the extreme, you can even put it inside the chassis mount IEC of your equipment.

Finally Good Luck to all and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

Anonymous said...

i have the fake connectors. they work great. the 037 and 079 do sound different. i did "blind listen" tests and everyone agreed on all results. they sounded just like the description.