This ever popular CD, released in 1985, is my favorite amongst all the Tsai Chin's albums that I have. One of the very few audiophile CDs that I bought in the 90's. Amazingly, i still like this CD very much today.

The song collections are mostly Chinese tear jerk er oldies. Which despite my very minimal understanding of mandarin, somehow, still manages to evoke an emotional response from me every listening session without fail. And I have hear this CD like a millionth times by now. This is good music at it's very best!

Sonic wise is not great, with that over bloated bass lines, high (master?)tape hiss, that presents a somewhat overly warm sound. The beauty of the CD is that despite it's imperfect sound, it has enough musical brilliance that make it such a great listen, every time!

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maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

most systems don't play this disc well due to lack of resolution. most systems present the music in a big chunky way. actually, it has a lot of details and nuances. the bass is not bloated at all. in the right system, the cd can sound very analogue and lush, very inviting and musical. i like to play it once in a while to feel the nostalgic vibes.

Panzer said...


Let me try to play it again tomorow. I hope with my current system, I can get the CD to sound like what you described.