i was never prompted to get a loaner preamp (pass labs x 2.5) until i got my meridian g08.2 last night. i know many of you speculated that it would be a 808.2 but i am not ready for that, financially and mentally.

from what i read , the biggest improvement in mkII is the new apodizing filter which removes cd distracting "edgy" quality so that cd can sound very much like the higher resolution digital formats. it can even correct pre-echo problems created by A-to-D converters during the original recording process. it is even suggested that cds played back via this filter can sound better than they did at the mastering stage in the studio. another major change is the slot drive, which uses an automative grade mechanism that is supposedly reliable, durable and good at vibration resistance.

looks wise, the new meridian is still smart and elegant; it is however, slimmer and lighter. the slot drive feels awkward at first but it feels robust and sturdy. i am sure this would be a contentious issue in many hifi forums but i am ok with this kind of mechanism.

right out of the box, the g08.2 impressed me immediately with its firm and authoritative bass. this is the most obvious improvement from mkI. of course, my system sounded rough and edgy after a month's rest but i am convinced by the g08.2's strong bass. mark my words, this aspect will be what most buyers say about the new meridian.

the month of december 2008 was the longest and darkest period in my hifi journey where i lived my life without my hifi. it feels so good to be back to the game again, eventho' my LS26 is not fully recovered yet.

p/s i will be selling my g08. interested buyers please email to lesloh@yahoo.com

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Panzer said...


My friend, $$$ well spent! But I was a little disappointed that it's not the 808.2.

Nevertheless, look forward to hearing the new "toy".

GCK said...

Congrats ML on your new purchase.

You need to cook your whole set of cabling after such a long rest. It (cable cooker) is with me.

Funny, in 2009, everyone I know is upgrading their front end.

Yep, looking forward to hear your new spinner.