well, since kubala-sosna emotion was not fairly evaluated the last time (due to a faulty XLR plug), i am giving a 2nd chance.

besides, there is something about kubala's density in the mids that had me thinking....

in hifi, there is no certainty, one just have to be adventurous.


Jim said...

I thing you are doing the right thing.

Waiting to hear your experience..

Anonymous said...

Someone did try it


kong kk said...

Still it would be interesting to think what Maggielurva think,another perspective,in another system.

Love the spirit of adventure!!!

km ng said...

Dear Les,

Perhaps the K-S Emotion is giving your system a 2nd chance. :)

You complained that your system has not enough "density" and sounded "lightweight." This is a very honest evaluation as I've heard your system before.

Permit me to air my thoughts on this matter.

The "lightness" of sound is not from the interaction of the components of your system but from the interaction of the Maggie with your open hall.

The Maggie (as well as other boxless dipoles) need an enclosed room for proper "room loading and pressurization" to work well. The enclosed room to the Maggie is like a speaker box to a driver where enclosed room = box and Maggie = driver.

Why do you think the Maggie have such large mid and bass panels? To compensate for the loss of box. Otherwise, male vocals may sound like Alvin of the Chipmunks fame. :)

Just my thoughts where others may think otherwise.

P.S. People say in life, 2 things are certain - death and taxes. In hifi, only 1 thing is certain - when is the next upgrade?

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

hi km,

don't agree with you.

btw, everything is relative. i said lightweight because i am comparing to the very best. i am talking about a very high level of density, which is not found in most systems i heard.

this is just part of my endless pursuit of the sound that i like. it is an evolving process ;-)

Liam said...


As much as i like what you have written before,I do not agree with your explanation.If it is the sp,you would not get the density that Maggielurva described before with the CDP.

km ng said...

Hi Les and Liam,

Perhaps when Les gets a dedicated enclosed room for his Maggie, you'll agree more with me.

Meanwhile, life goes on to find the elusive Ms Density, last heard in the company of the very best of Malaysian Hifi Tatler.

sal said...

Why not move back to Vinyl,.

You get very dense natural sound,wide superwidesoundstage at a fraction of the cost....