new readers here might be wondering why we are so fixated with all things cables. that's because cables are fun to play and you don't need a van to carry them back from the dealer's place to your home for audition/review! i suppose, cables to an audiophile are akin to jewelries to a woman.

i have taken notice of a certain argentum acoustics cables recently. at first, i thought it is the same danish argento audio company who makes high-end silver conductors. but i was wrong, argentum is from canada's ultralink/xlo and they use ultra-pure, cryogenically treated, continuously cast copper conductors in teflon dielectrics for its interconnects, speaker cables and power cords. alas, no silver is in sight.

in fact, the argentum acoustics proteus 12 power cord even carries a US patent (No. 5,110,999) for its "counter-spiral wound, multi-gauge, multi-core design with double shielding and double grounding."

the mention of xlo brings back memories of early 1990s, a time when xlo was the fave among malaysian audiophiles. those days, xlo was competing head-to-head with AQ and cardas mainly in the malaysian hifi turf. i had xlo interconnect before. the sound was fast but very lean, too lean for my liking. i soon dumped xlo and went for my first silver cable - siltech! xlo did make a comeback in the last couple of years but their presence has largely gone unnoticed.
so i am game to try argentum. any dealers out there who want to apply distributorship for argentum, i can certainly help ;-)


gill said...

Why not bring Argento audio instead?

claude said...

Argento makes amongst the finest silver cables around,but unless your setup are prestine,you might not get the desired effects;because they use their cables unshielded[

chris said...

The argento lines of cables has a fiercely loyal group of ultra hi-end follower in the Uk.

From what I hear the cables are doing very well in Hong Kong too.

I must say I have not heard of this one you are talking about.Maybe you could do a review .

harris said...

it,s amazing that not so long ago,everybody seems to shun silver.

no ,the reverse is true,every manufacturers seems to jump in the bandwagon to make silver cables.

argento,certainly has been at the forefront in popularizing silver;though they do not seem to be too keen on shielding.

as far as grounding is concerned, i do not see the need for double grounding. i personally favoured the 'star ' grounding method and use electraglide PC ,which do not have a grounding pin.tHE BACKGROUND get so much quiter.

jamie said...

these folks seems to really know about cable Maggielurva.

When I see manufacturers talk about nickel-free ,solid copper connectors normally they are not far wrong.

Over to your listening chair Maggie.