i have lauded swedish statement (from s'pore) more than once for making bladelius, audionet and marten from unknown identities into almost household names in malaysia/s'pore in the short span of 2 years in business. just recently, i was astounded by audionet ART g2 cd player. 2 weeks after its departure, i still couldn't quite come to terms with my meridian g08.

it just goes to show that good products will sell on its own. of course, a large of part of swedish statement's success lies on its two very hard-working malaysian dealers, audio matic and audio art.

two new products which are going to be unveiled in the july hifi show - the bladelius saga preamp and bladelius ymer power amp. too quote from bladelius website "saga is the newest two channel preamp that supersedes its all previous preamps. the double balanced outputs are ideal to drive the beowulf, but it is also an ideal match with the ymer power amp. the power supply is larger than one might find in many integrated or power amplifiers, but here it is used to drive a preamp!".

the 300-watter fully-balanced ymer power amp should be what master ken is looking for to drive his ATC. i hope eugene or ah chee would loan him one for audition soon! ymer boasts an enormous power supply that feeds an impressive array of output transistors with enough power to drive any speaker with out any effort. master ken, are you salivating?

i was told that stock will be arriving soon. those who can't wait to audition, please call eugene (audio matic) at 012-3222698 or ah chee (audio art) at 012-5201066.


built62 said...

this has to be one of the best i've listen, so far... come and support him!


Ken said...


I am salivating!!!