[1] a dealer called me up and asked me what's the best cd(s) to play at the hifi show because he is sick of the typical audiophile cds. i told him: teddy robin and cheer chen, if his system can handle it. to me, teddy cd is still the best chinese audiophile recording of the year. we would aspire one day to record something like that but it would still be a long way for us before we reach that standard.

[2] with the double- run of stage III gryphon in my system, i just listen to music and stop analyzing. which is a good thing to a perfectionist like me.

[3] lily chen has left rain forest label, the label that launched her career as the most sought after audiophile singer in the chinese audiophile music industry. has fame caught up with her? i shudder to think what will happen to 2v1g if success gets into their head.

[4] i am shortlisting the best musicians for the next audiophile album project. i need a top-notch (jazz) arranger, for a start. any recommendations?

[5] a lot of dealers reported poor business of late, citing the fact that "most people are waiting for the hifi show". is that really the case? i personally think audiophiles only buy affordable stuff at the show and not the expensive stuff.

[6] i will be distributing av xpress in the KLIAV show at level 4, the same floor as all the cd stalls, at the same time, selling 2v1g cds. if you see a good-looking guy manning the stall with two pretty gals, come to say "hi" to me.

[7] talking about pretty gals, i hope tong lee won't hire indonesian maids as their helpers this time. just joking, ling.


cheeCK said...

look forward to a good show this year.

And we want lots of pretty girls please......Indonesians models can,indonesian maids? CANNOT !!!!

hafiz said...

MosT dealers in UK[and US too,from what I gather} use master copy to demonstrate ,and it always make a good system shines through....

Why not give the dealers that has been supporting you some of your master copy?I will make a huge difference,IMO.

cbliu said...

2V1G should be on top of most demo lists.Entertaining music,simple arrangement, decent recordings.....all the things that we audiophiles like.

km ng said...

1. Surprised you didn't recommend 2v1g. Probably, with so much talking during the demos, it may turn out to be 10v1g.

2. Wow! RM48k (USD14.5k) of I/C! I presume there won't be a Kill Bill Pt 2 then.

3. Likewise, I shudder to think if too much fame gets into the producer's head.

4. How about the Jeremy Monteiro chap from S'pore?

5. You're right! Lots of bottom fishing and low balling ala Malaysian style at the show.

6. May not be good etiquette but I think I'll say "hi" to you after saying "hi, hi, hi" to the two pretty gals.

7. Not all Indon maids are related to Hellboy. Some Indon dangdut maids can steam up your glasses.

Just joking in the above, Maggielurva and see you at the show.

Anonymous said...

who are the 2 pretty girls ? Is it 2v ?

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

hi cheeck,
foreign labor rules! even in hifi show!

i only have one copy of the master...

i will give free cds to some of the dealers on the day itself. hope they will spin for us ;-)

jeremy is too old-school la. he has done too many albums for sangaji music. i want something fresher...

on highsight, i should have asked the 2v to perform live there but it is too late now...maybe next year la ;-)

built62 said...

[7] must be the increased in fuel price. i still see indons.