[this article is taken from av xpress issue #3]

This year's KLIAV is here again! Hi-Fi show is a religious pilgrimage that any serious audiophile would attend annually. Malaysia has its own, called the Kuala Lumpur International Audio Visual Show (KLIAV show) which is held annually in J.W.Marriot hotel. While the show can vary year to year with different themes and products on display, it is interesting to know that the different personalities among hi-fi show goers remain unchanged over the years.

[1] Pasar Malam shoppers

This type of audiophiles comes just to hunt for bargains. Whether it is that Wattgate or Hubbell IEC plug, or even the mass-market DVD players, he comes with a purpose. He will compare prices, haggle tirelessly and even ask for complimentary gifts. He will be happiest if the item comes with EPP (Easy Payment Plan). This sort of audiophiles derives the greatest satisfaction from hifi shows because they get to spend and buy lots of things that they would normally not spend on. They help to improve the economy of the hifi shows! We need them!

Advice: Bring a credit card with enough credit limit

[2] Flyers collectors

He would collect any papers in sight, from any booth, anywhere… nothing can escape him. He would end up with a bag of flyers and promo materials, ready for home reading. Some fanatics even keep flyers from previous years as collector’s items. For those with ulterior motives in mind, it is also a chance to chat up the sexy promoters who always dress up in skimpy shorts and revealing tops, and ask for their phone numbers or MSN contacts.

Advice: Bring a bag big enough to contain all those flyers. Also, some extra business cards for those sexy promoters.

[3] Talk-Cock-Sing-Song-ers

Ha, the same old faces surface in every hifi show! Ubiquitous. Omnipresent. You see them everywhere. They are the perennial feature in hifi shows. You see them in Amcorp Mall, in City Square, hanging out in all the hifi shops in town. They would go from showroom to showroom, looking for their friends to chat, the more the merrier. Most of them get their complimentary passes from their dealer friends and they will hang out till the last minute every day. Topics of discussion range from the latest hifi upgrade, the latest visit to an audiophile’s home, which room sounds the best/worst, to the prettiest promoter with the shortest skirt in the show.

Advice: Bring a stool or chair if you get too tired standing

[4] Serious listeners

Don’t ever disturb them if you find them with their eyes closed, sitting still in the sweet spot inside the showroom, else you risk getting a verbal wrath from them.

These audiophiles are a serious bunch. They have waited for the hifi show to sample the latest esoteric gear. Even with another 50 persons camped inside the claustrophobic showroom, you won’t distract them from concentrating on the music. And they are the ones that will talk to the designer/manufacturer in great length and detail. They would also attend the show every single day to make sure they get to listen to the system for a 2nd or 3rd time!

Also, they will come will their own audiophile-approved CDs!

Advice: Wear a T-shirt printed with “Leave Me Alone” or “Silent, Please”.

[5] Cheap CD hunters

Yeah, they come solely for the CDs! Plenty of audiophile CDs would be on discount and it is a delight for those who really want to buy the latest software!

In recent years, Chinese audiophile CDs is a big hit. Selling at below RM30, most Chinese folks find them affordable.

Buying CDs is the greatest reward for any visitor to hifi show. At least you don’t leave the show without buying anything!

Advice: Defer all your CD purchases until you visit the show!

So, which type of personality are you? Whichever, do enjoy this year’s KLIAV show!


aboon said...

all the above!!!

km ng said...

Well hidden in Group 4 is a small secret sect called the "Absolute Cable Devotees Cult."

News from the audiovine told us this ACDC group (not to be confused with the almost deaf AC/DC rock group) can hear the most astonishing cable details in any system.

Led by the desirable M (not to be confused with James Bond's M), the ACDC group will prowl all the audio systems in the show sniffing for the the scent (sound) of the most heavenly cable.

Urban legends told us within 30 seconds or thereabouts, M can give a black eye to the system if wrong cables are used.

From what I heard last year, most systems suffered black eyes while some have their heads chopped off! Only 1-2 suffered no injuries.
Good sounding? No, scared stiff and not playing!

Advice: All show participants - please wear Iron Man suit if you want no black eye or your head on your shoulders!
Others - if you want to talk-cock-sing-song with this ACDC group, make sure your cables touch the Sky first.

Cheers everyone and see you at the show!

built62 said...

M must be quite a fellr...

Anonymous said...

You left out those who seek "old school" stuff.. THE VINYL LP!. They ain't very amazed nor interested in ceedees.