if i say i didn't expect it, i would be lying. 2v1g has become the best-selling and most talked-about audiophile cd in malaysia and possibly in singapore. and just this morning, i got the latest news from hk that it is chosen as the "CD OF THE MONTH" by the most authoritative hifi magazine in hong kong "AUDIOPHILE" [发烧音响], just how cool can it get?

while i am basking in this glory, i have also moved on to another project, which i conceived last night. i want to create another sensational audiophile act. i have the full plan on my table now and you shall hear more about it in this column.

i am going to invest in 2 pairs of the stage III concepts ASP gryphon, both for my home use as well as the recording studio use. can you imagine the gryphon working in the recording studio? that would be heavenly, wouldn't it? ;-)

many of you may not realize why 2v1g sounds good in many systems. that's because i have a good reference system to monitor the sound. i have also groomed my recording engineer to be a discerning audiophile by exposing him to many first-class recordings, played in my system.

as a malaysian, i am proud that we have created something that has international appeal. 2v1g is a small miracle in the local chinese music industry.


built62 said...

congrats! will be looking out for the next audiophile cd.

km ng said...

Dear Maggielurva,

"...a prophet has no honour in his own country." (John 4:44)

How true that a HK magazine should give you the honours first.

You're the 2nd Malaysian guy I know involved in groundbreaking hifi related stuff that is recognised in overseas first.

For the second release, may I suggest a jazz trio (with occasional sax or trumpet) with vocal or vocals recorded in Blumlein recording technique.

This may be the first for a Chinese recording.

Anonymous said...

les - well done.

we are d@mn proud of you !


tew said...

Bravo!!!!Long live Maggielurva!!!!!

I seconded Km ng's idea..

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

km and tew,

yes, it will be a jazz trio.

we are gonna revolutionize the chinese music industry here ;-)


Anonymous said...


Just to share my experience on your 2V1G efforts.

In a poorer resolution system(i.e. entry level hi-fi) the CD is plain and and feels emotionally disconnected.

However, on a top flight high end system, the CD shines and has very convincing vocals.

I am not suggesting you dumb down the recording, but I feel is essential that the CD brings cheer to the more common folks too.

Agree with KM that a Jazz trio would be a good idea.

GCK said...

Leslie, congrats to you on the winning the HK awards. You have all the ingredients to succeed in the music industry. Keep up the excellent work.

Jin Han said...

I love this album and i can't wait for the second one.

keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

Les, any write-up on the press conference ?

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

hi anonymous,

the write-up is at 2v1g's blog http://2v1g.blogspot.com

so far, only the chinese press covered it.