another issue of av xpress ready for distribution in the hifi show next week!

i struggled with every issue of publication because i did everything myself (except the graphics la) but every time i look at the finished product, i feel good that i did it.

av xpress is not a magazine of international standards (nor it wants to be) but a big effort from someone who really wants to share with you people with a single objective in mind - to have fun in hifi. also to let you in on an open secret, i really don't care how many advertisers are with me!

in the past, i have always injected humor in the magazine but later i realized that many audiophiles are not funny people; they failed to appreciate the humor in the magazine; they really wanted hardcore stuff! so you want hardcore, i give you hardcore. so this time - we have hardcore hardware reviews by hifi kaki and master ken!

this time we are going to have a downloadable pdf version in this blog!



Prithipal said...

Love the blog, and picked up your mag here in Miri sometime back (edition 1 and 2) Can't get them here, how about a download-able PDF version ?

Anonymous said...

Downloadable AV Express, what a great idea. Looking forward to it. BTW how about the back issues?

Anonymous said...

PDF version good idea! I like it.

aboon said...

i still prefer the printed issue to bring to the toilet {to read,of course!!!]together with Hifi+ and stereophile.My wife always get nervous,afraid I will go to my upgrade ..

Anonymous said...

This was suggested probably 6mths ago... but then the answer was it was meant to be a print for Malaysian eyes only...

2V1G said...
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maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

yes, this issue onwards, we will have a downloadable pdf version.

what else do you do with my av xpress????? you are a born comedian ;-) ever consider taking over from stephen chow?

hi anonymous,
lack of hindsight on my part. better late than never ;-)

built62 said...

what's the url for the pdf version?


maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

we will post the pdf's URL the next monday, after the hifi show ;-)