[clash of the titans - stage III asp gryphon vs kubala-sosna emotion]

[xhadow vs neutrik]

it was a gory scene. it was a blood fest. it was violent.

it was like uma thurman with her bruce lee jersey killing the villain in the final duel, with dead bodies of baddies scattered everywhere in the scene where the ultimate duel takes place. it was a perfect quentin tarantino finishing. he would have made of a cult movie out of this.

i can't even begin to describe how brutal and clinical the battle was. the winner just finished off the battle - the way lucy liu in "kill bill" chopping off the head of the japanese guy who opposed her, using her samurai sword (with blood juice squirting out from his head for that extra special effect) - in just 1:30:34:57 minute. ok, i exaggerate, i didn't actually have a stop watch but the time should most likely be 00:30:34:57. yes, in exactly 30 seconds the winner killed off the loser, with little drama but plenty of blood. brutal.

whatever the loser has, the winner has it 2-3 times more. it is no longer about individual aspects of hifi criteria (i mean i don't have a sonic checklist when i evaluated these two cables), it is about everything in totality; it is about music-making ability in totality. the winner has the proverbial "opening up the sonic window" effect in the most accurate and mind-blowing sense of the word. forget about it, you would never understand what i am talking about here without listening it to the winning cable in the right system. the sonic soundscape proferred by the winner is so realistic and convincing that it left my mouth agape, eyes wide open, trying hard to search for adjectives to describe this stupendous experience.

i will be frank here. this is as good as a cable can get. this is state-of-the-art. this is how god intended audiophile cables to be. cynics and detractors of high-end, high-priced audiophile cables can go home and bask in his self-glorifying contentment that their systems sound good even without splurging on cables, after all you don't miss what you can't afford or what your system can't tell. ignorance is bliss.

it was fortunate or unfortunate, depending on how you look at it, that hifi kaki couldn't make it this morning to my house so his AQ sky skipped the battle unscathed. but i doubt it would make any difference to the final results.

in the next few posts, i would do a technical analysis on the battle.

btw, not that you haven't guessed, the winner is stage III concepts ASP gryphon and the loser is kubala-sosna emotion.

more to come... kill bill (part 2) where kubala fights for 2nd place with AQ sky.

reader limkh - you can collect your winnings from me ;-)


hifikaki said...

I'll wade into the battlefield as soon as I can, even if it turns out to be a suicidal mission!

No guts no glory! :-)

GCK said...

It will be suicide for Sky, don't bang balls.

km ng said...

Wow! The Stage III tapau/bungkus/packed up the K-S in 30 seconds!

Sounds more like "The Quick And The Dead" meets "Gone In 60 Seconds."

Must be the fastest kill in audio review history.

A world record if I may say so.

The Sky must be shitting in the pants now.

silver addict said...


Hope Louis will come to Malaysia soon....maybe during the AV show?

david said...

Best IC you ever heard,Maggielurva?

liam said...

Yeah,How nice if louis could come to Malaysia.Maybe we could ask him how he planned the assault?

Hope I could audition the cable soon....

Anonymous said...

Why am i not surprised with the results?

GCK, isn't it nice to have so many pairs of the Vacuum Ref gold even though it was the previous top stage 3 cable? Don't forget that with the rising price of gold, your cables are now more valuable.

BTW, congrats to the winner.

As for the Sky, it was removed from many systems about 1-2 years back when the owners switched over to the vac ref gold. But that is another story.

GCK said...

Hi Anonymous. Yep,it sure is. I bet you also have a few pairs of the vac ref in your system. Going by the gold prices now, the vac ref is sure a good buy in the used market.

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

hi david,